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  1. Special run over and in hospital..........

    I hope the culprits are dealt with swiftly and a speedy recovery to the officer concerned. Unacceptable behaviour.
  2. Self Defence Against a Home Intruder

    Do you mean a gerber type kit knife @ljms? If so to be fair a lot of service personnel have it stowed on their webbing. He was in your partner's house so not a public domain. Not a massive deal methinks and that could be construed as reasonable force. You didn't shoot him in the back or anything.
  3. @SC Will I go to a crossfit gym owned and operated by a met police officer. The business itself is a limited company so it;s definitely possible to do.
  4. I've seen the work that my immediate line manager (a special sgt does) and tbh I'm not interested. The poor bloke seems to spend half his time chasing people who haven't done their hours/trying to get warrant cards off non attenders. That, coupled with the politics that seems endemic to the MSC hierarchy puts me right off. If I end up staying a special and continuing in IT I want it as an antidote/something different to the day job. I'm fortunate to have a very good special sergeant - one of the other ones on the borough is awful and representative of what is wrong with some special sergeants. @Polizist hahahaha. It could have been worse I guess!!!! We were also reminded of appropriate terms of address at attestation.
  5. Advanced Driving

    Also @PSCBen Brooker if you are going to a police force which gives you a borough/area choice then do your research. In the met at least boroughs treat their specials very differently. The rougher the area, the sooner you get to do stuff like response with the regulars on a friday and saturday night. Different strokes for different folks but probably best to make an informed decision.
  6. Advanced Driving

    @PSCBen Brooker I'm not sure which force you are looking on joining but can comment from a met special standpoint. IPS is generally (in my borough at least) expected to be attained within 12 months from when you attest (when you get your warrant card). If you want to go regular using the internal route you need to have attained IPS status or be on track to do so soonish and have the recommendation of your borough commander. There is usually an internal application drive for PCs twice a year. Re patrolling alone, I don't think any specials or indeed any regulars in my borough do solo patrols. It is one of the rougher boroughs in London. IPS refers to you being deemed competent and eligible for further specialisation within the specials/applying internally for the regs.. If you are looking to use the specials as a stepping stone to go regular then you won't get any driving courses in all likelihood, as sapor62 alluded to above you would likely have to be a special for a couple of years or more before you'd get any gucci courses.
  7. Specials & Tasers

    As I understand it the PSNI are always armed and even carry off duty. There doesn't seem to be lots of unecessary shootings out there (I'm sure it would be all over the news if an unarmed individual was shot by police for obvious reasons).
  8. @ubermuser I know that it does vary from force to force - it is a shame sometimes as imo if you don't have contact with crappy family members and haven't done for some time then you should at least have an avenue of appeal. I remember a girl I know having to appeal her financial vetting as her ex bf was a douchebag essentially and caused bailiffs to come round to her family home. Perhaps the cruel irony is that said ex bf is ex RMP!!
  9. What is it with the Sun and having a go at cops recently? The above article is why I am extremely selective these days about what news outlets I read/watch/listen to!
  10. Hey @ubermuser did you live at the same address as her recently? If as you say you are, estranged from her and have been for a while then there should be some room for manoeuvre.
  11. This is excellent news!!! He deserves no less @recovery man
  12. @laticsash social media is a big one for many people. I have heard that the met can only check public posts on facebook etc but tbh I'm sure they have the means to go through all of your profile with a fine tooth comb. @Paul93 declare everything - it's the best policy I feel!
  13. Obviously every force is different but your mothers record might be an issue? Apparently if you ask the vetting people whether it's something which is permanent or something which can be changed they are able ot comment on that, just not the specifics.
  14. Umm what's your credit history like? Do you live with anyone who has a criminal record? Do you have dodgy references? Also I know the met (the force I'm joining) check your social media. I don't know whether that could be an issue. Not making the paper sift sometimes happens unfortunately. That's related to answering competency based questions and nothing to do with vetting!
  15. No worries mate! @junior_7178 it's always best to just ask directly.