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  1. Advanced Driving

    Also @PSCBen Brooker if you are going to a police force which gives you a borough/area choice then do your research. In the met at least boroughs treat their specials very differently. The rougher the area, the sooner you get to do stuff like response with the regulars on a friday and saturday night. Different strokes for different folks but probably best to make an informed decision.
  2. Advanced Driving

    @PSCBen Brooker I'm not sure which force you are looking on joining but can comment from a met special standpoint. IPS is generally (in my borough at least) expected to be attained within 12 months from when you attest (when you get your warrant card). If you want to go regular using the internal route you need to have attained IPS status or be on track to do so soonish and have the recommendation of your borough commander. There is usually an internal application drive for PCs twice a year. Re patrolling alone, I don't think any specials or indeed any regulars in my borough do solo patrols. It is one of the rougher boroughs in London. IPS refers to you being deemed competent and eligible for further specialisation within the specials/applying internally for the regs.. If you are looking to use the specials as a stepping stone to go regular then you won't get any driving courses in all likelihood, as sapor62 alluded to above you would likely have to be a special for a couple of years or more before you'd get any gucci courses.
  3. Specials & Tasers

    As I understand it the PSNI are always armed and even carry off duty. There doesn't seem to be lots of unecessary shootings out there (I'm sure it would be all over the news if an unarmed individual was shot by police for obvious reasons).
  4. What is it with the Sun and having a go at cops recently? The above article is why I am extremely selective these days about what news outlets I read/watch/listen to!
  5. This is excellent news!!! He deserves no less @recovery man
  6. Information On Social Media.

    I've just passed vetting for the Met and start my training in two weeks time so thought that I would add a few things. As @Stigy says above I've no doubt that the Met looked into my facebook account pretty closely (as they should do). I use an alias on facebook (my last name is slightly altered) but you have to give them the URL of your profile anyway. Basic social media hygiene such as thinking before you post is essential and goes without saying really. If I pass my training and attest I would probably like to take a couple of pictures as it will be a proud moment for me personally, but I am as yet undecided as to whether I'll put it on facebook or not.