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  1. The Tesco next to where I work has a problem with kids and alcohol. They even got a security guard because of it. I've had threats because I refuse to buy for them, it's weird being in the receiving end of abuse from kids when you're 6'2" and 40 years old. Last time they tried to box me in I just shoved them out of the way (and got threatened with the police by the kids for it), and that is pretty much all I'll do myself if off duty. Just inform the shopkeeper and pass it on to licencing. Even out trainer says as an SC you're better off being a professional witness, or passing on intel if you don't have backup.
  2. He thinks he can do it just before he launches it. Normally I would assume someone was taking the micky, but in his case I'm inclined to think he'd do it. Nice bloke, just no sense at times!
  3. Weird question from a mate (because you know, having just started training I obviously know). Matw picked up a fancy drone, and he seems to think fixing roman candles on it would be fine. I'm inclined to disagree, but he's arguing there is no law against it. Any ideas? I think it is likely to be illegal, never mind the obvious stupidity of it.
  4. I asked this question of someone a while back. They explained it is a prohibited item, but you can maybe at a push get a historical weapon exemption. Even then it's a push, and would be rather difficult unless you can show a reason for it. He suggested owning one would be similar effort to getting a PPW Permit, so direct Home Office Approval.
  5. Not really, they're usually detailed in the conditions of carriage. They used to (probably still do) have a schedule of charges, and the conditions which they'll charge them. Hunt round the carriage, they're likely on an A4 board near a door. Though I believe they only need to have one per train rather than 1 per carriage (don't quote me on that, not used a train for 7 years). See my Black Cab comment above. We had a little card up with the 'extras' listed. For something like a puker we could charge £20 per person in the vehicle. It was a nice little earner if you wanted an early night and had a number of people in the cab. Though swilling sick out of your cab at 1am just as the clubs were chucking out meant you'd easily have lost £100 so it didn't mean you made profit from it.
  6. I used to drive a Black cab when I was younger (my dad owned a couple, and it paid better than bar work). We were told by the enforcement officer we could ask for payment up front if we wanted, we could also leave the meter off if we had agreed a price already. The price with the meter off could be whatever the passenger agreed to, didn't matter if it was higher than the meter. Usually though you gave a rough quote, took the money and if the meter was on you gave them the difference back. We could also refuse any fare we wanted for any non-discriminatory reason. I turned a few down because either they were known runners, or they were just too ****ed for me to even consider dealing with beyond 'get out' It's your vehicle, you get to pick in the same way a publican does. I did have an official complaint that wasn't upheld because I refused to drive someone to Manchester without money up front, but on a Saturday night I wasn't doing a 60 mile round trip with a drunk unless they at least handed me enough to cover my fuel. As it stood the only thing that they told me was I should consider my wording. I think I swore a few times because the lass kept screaming at me, and her boyfriend got agressive. I'm good at keeping my temper, but they were really annoying.
  7. Depending where you live perhaps RNLI? Maybe Retained Firefighter? Mate does the Retained Firefighter role, loves it.
  8. I see the sense in this. My grandfather was a Chief Super when he retired in 1977, and an interview in the paper I was given recently actually had him saying it's a profession, so should have some kind of ongoing development. We're nearly 40 years down the line, and they're only just getting going on it!
  9. Been thinking of it a few years. Applied for regulars at 22, but didn't really want to. It probably showed in my application, however it was family expectation as my grandfather had been a Chief Superintendent in Lancashire Constabulary. Thought about applying to specials about 5 years back, but new baby followed by incapacitated wife, followed by extended surgeries on child delayed it. Didn't want to start something I couldn't finish. Failed first interview, and now just need to pass the medical. Hopefully starting training in January.