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  1. That's amazing, congrats and well done for making the transformation - It was probably your hard work and grit rather than any luck. If you don't mind me asking, which force you with? Have you served long?
  2. For me, it took a mid-university crisis (exams, goals etc) for me to make the first move to sign up for my dream career instead. I start training mid October
  3. Can't help but think/hope I will benefit from this Mwaha
  4. 23 week training commencing mid October - long way to go yet until I get operational, but I'm kind of nerdy in the sense that even the Day 1 gave me a kick. I'm with the Met - you?
  5. Haha! This made me laugh because I was thinking the exact same thing when I was studying for my police tests!
  6. Brave officer!
  7. The Met only had the one following the written test, a competency based interview.
  8. Congrats mate. Passed recently too, feels great!
  9. This made me smile