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  1. I had my first shift yesterday! Amazing. Being the passenger for a Grade 1 call and all the traffic stopping for you as you whizz by with sirens on- biggest grin on my face- until I realised we were heading to a domestic, and then I started wee-ing myself a bit.... (I jest....) First arrest in the afternoon of a not particularly nice bloke, wanted on warrant and in breach of his bail conditions. Caught after a footchase and cuffs applied!
  2. Tell you what- put your phone in the glove box then you won't be able to reach it to slap that fly. Personally I don't leave the house without a swat....
  3. Ewww gross! I've got my second weekend of OST on saturday- batons and handcuffs- I'll let you know how my hands are on Monday!
  4. Another topic where MPotter is trying to bate police officers into making bad decisions, just so his YouTube hits go up... No Police Officer is ever going to call that up on the radio, or would want you to get hurt. Police officers are here to protect you and everyone- why would you antagonize people trying to do a good job!
  5. MPotter- this is very obviously something has happened to you and you seem to want vindication that you're behaving in the right way rather than trying to divert valuable police forces to give you some attention. You're constantly posting about filming, about cop blocking, and I've seen some of your ridiculous videos on youtube. Rather than trying to pretend a hypothetical situation, (i.e. my friend has a drugs problem, where should he go for help = I have a problem but I'm too embarressed to say it myself), why not just come out and say what happened and ask if it was right... If you think people don't see through you, you're in for a bit of a shock...