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  1. Fitness test prep

    Hi LolaWin You've certainly had a good response here ref your question and hopefully you're not confused and have a clear direction. It should come as no surprise that as a newbie you've received a helpful level of response... we are after all either serving officers or aspiring officers. Yes there are many ways to skin a cat and I'm sure some naturally fit, very lucky people will ace the bleep test without even training in running. Personally I say get fit and do run. If the fitness test was swimming I'd train in swimming, if it was a rowing test I'd train in rowing. Back to what I mentioned about mentality - for me it's not just about passing a recruitment test - for me it's being a fit as I can be to ensure I'm fit for the job thereafter. Your own safety and that of others could one day come down to your fitness level in a dangerous situation. Ace it LolaWin. Over and out roger the scout.
  2. Fitness test prep

    Hi all I agree the bleep test is not for getting fit, but testing your fitness. I would still advocate that you should do a bleep test 'dry run' to get familiar with the technique, timing and rhythm and ensure you meet the level comfortably. I'm not sure how you do it in England, but in Scotland the fitness level is a minimum - here we're expected to go keep going until we can go no more - our highest level is then recorded. We're expected to go beyond this level the next time. LolaWin for your reference: Level 1 - 7 shuttles Level 2 - 8 shuttles Level 3 - 8 shuttles Level 4 - 8 shuttles Level 5 - 9 shuttles Level 6 - 9 shuttles Levels 7, 8 and 9 - 10 shuttles at each level A couple of guys (young) on my test day reached level 13+!
  3. Fitness test prep

    Hi LolaWin if your gym is not helpful try a sports centre and ask if you can run 5-10mins on a badminton court. 5.4 will take less than 5 mins to do. Or find an empty car park on a Sunday, in a nice area, and mark out 15m. Any flat, tarmac public space - car park, playpark should be ok. That's what I did.
  4. Fitness test prep

    Hi LolaWIn I'm 47 (and it does get harder with age) and started from zero running to passing my test which required a level of 8.2 for someone my age. That's with Police Scotland. Have your force not provided you with a training programme? If not then I suggest this one from Police Scotland which is a 6 week programme - it will fit in with your timescale. I used it and it really is good and builds up steadily from zero. It also explains the science of getting fit and training diet. http://www.scotland.police.uk/assets/pdf/327931/327936/327948/police-scotland-national-fitness-standard-guidance?view=Standard If you're based in England then IGNORE the section about the levels you have to reach because in Scotland it's higher. In England it's 5.4 for everyone, regardless of age and gender. I approached my training with two strategies - 1. Push your fitness to beyond the required pass level. 2. Start practicing the actual bleep test now so it comes as no surprise on the day - get familiar with it and don't fear it. you can download the actual police bleep test audio here in mp3 format - scroll down the page. I downloaded it and put it onto my phone and played it through the music player http://www.scotland.police.uk/recruitment/police-officers/selection-process/ Besides fitness, another tactic I used was to count how much time you have for each level. At level 1 - I estimated that you have 7.5 seconds to reach from one end to the other. Level 2 - around 7 seconds, at Level 3 around 6.5 secs, etc, etc. By level 9 you have about 4.5 to 5 seconds to get from one end to the other and turn. When I was training and on the actual test day I counted the seconds inside my head at each level and for each shuttle run. This helped me keep my pace and timing so I hit the line before or on the beep. Hope this makes sense. Listen to the bleep test audio, get a stop watch and time the duration between the bleeps. It sounds a bit daft but it worked for me. If you're in England the level is 5.4 and on the scale this is just a tad faster than jogging. By around level 7/8 you're sprinting. If you're in England consider yourself lucky, in Scotland you have to hit 9.2 to pass (for a young male). That's not being racist - I'm from England and live in Scotland. I'm envious. Also adopt the correct mentality - you're training for the Police, not a fun run, pleasure or sport (so I keep telling my wife who runs for sport). Attack it. You'll do it easy. All the best.