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  1. SC Training

    Go smart, better that way. As above, you are assessed from day one. It was noted during my training that the instructors, on the three times they did uniform inspections, only really checked those who were more casual on day one.... Play safe.
  2. Undeclared legal mods on vehicle

    As a question: if the person has bought the car from a dealer and not made mods but the car has dealer fitted extras and the person is not aware they are extras, then are they mods or not? A lot of cars are bought from dealers that slightly differ from standard and this is becoming more common after all....
  3. Declare your a Special on your car insurance!

    I got my renewal through today, on a recently bought new car worth a bit. Renewal quote was over £350 and was comparable so ok. i rang to update details, mentioned being a special in response to the part time employment question and renewal dropped £50 just like that, happy days. It was Admiral just to give them credit - no business link but a satisfied customer.