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  1. Alternatives to SC?

    Just a little update for all those who have made very helpful suggestions - I've registered my interest for this position within my police force and can only cross my fingers that I'll be able to reapply at a later date thanks again guys!
  2. Alternatives to SC?

    Thank you I did speak to the fire service and they gave me the usual "can't comment on individual cases" speech. My cardiologist has since written a report to the OH dept for my force and I'm more confused than ever, the content was very different to the conversation I had so I'm waiting for an appointment with another cardiologist for another review. I think the next conversation I need to have is whether I can reapply if my condition remains stable/improves for X amount of time.
  3. Medical woes

    Well what a pickle this has turned into thanks to my cardiologist writing an untrue and in parts made up report
  4. Alternatives to SC?

    I have looked into the retained firefighter role and I know they do use them a lot where I live (my local gym even has an alarm system for them!) but I'd have thought that they'd have even stricter medical criteria than the police force.
  5. Alternatives to SC?

    I have never considered anything medical except my attempt to join St. John Ambulance service when I was a student. I have a phobia of people vomiting so it didn't last long! I say "have" - that should be past tense as I have had very effective treatment for it in order for me to become a special... ah well! I'd never considered search and rescue services, probably because I was massively overweight and unfit (again, fixed that so I could become a special!) but I think I'd definitely be up for looking into that, particularly if there's a potential for working with search and rescue dogs (my day job is animal focused). I live quite rurally so it may well be something relatively local. They do have a number of volunteer roles, I've checked regularly over the last few years. CCTV operator is one they offer and I've been interested in in the past, but having spent an afternoon in my local CCTV office to see what goes on behind the scenes (I did a Ride Along and there was a lot of "CCTV have said X and CCTV have seen Y & Z" I decided to find out who these mystery people were) but just a couple of hours looking at all the screens and moving cameras etc. made me feel incredibly unwell. The only other things on offer seem to be Cadet roles and the occasional VIPER chaperone position. Some suggestions I'd not have thought of too, so thanks I already volunteer for a local mental health crisis line and have just been "promoted" to a supervisor role so that'll keep me out of mischief for a while but once my inevitable SC rejection comes through I'll have a look into the alternatives suggested.
  6. Alternatives to SC?

    After sailing through the entire recruitment process and getting ready to put my feet up and wait for vetting, my application has been rejected on medical grounds due to the very poorly timed discovery that I have a heart condition. I've spoken to my force occupational health dept. and they have agreed to reconsider and speak to my cardiologist who has no concerns regarding my ability to join - I'm very fit and healthy, it was a chance discovery that could have gone unnoticed for another 30+ years. I'm not holding my breath though and I'm bracing myself for rejection and given that there's no cure (other than a heart transplant!) it will mean that I can't ever apply again. So I'm wondering if anyone can suggest any alternatives I could look into? I've looked into becoming a restorative justice facilitator and a volunteer appropriate adult in the past's not even close really!
  7. Medical woes

    Just feeling the need to moan a bit...! I've successfully completed the recruitment process for my local force and was just waiting to cruise my way through the vetting process, when I've been diagnosed with a heart condition simply because I pushed my my GP to investigate one episode of palpitations knowing that there are genetic heart conditions in my family. Turns out I've got one. At the worst possible time - I passed my medical assessment 3 days before my diagnosis and now it looks like it my all be over... I've been told that the FMO will make the final decision, the people at occupational health were very good as I'd obviously disclosed that I was under investigation, I've forwarded my MRI report and I've pre-emptively signed forms so they can contact my cardiologist if needed but I'm not feeling hopeful. Can you appeal a rejection on medical grounds if it comes to that?
  8. Police officer safety debate in Parliament

    I'm not big on politics. I'm not going to pretend that I understand politics anywhere near as well as I should as a voting adult. But is there any reason why the Conservatives voted so strongly against it? Logic says to me that anyone representing their country as a politician does should want the people looking after "their people" to be safe?
  9. Green Lights on a tractor

    Vets don't have green lights
  10. Attestation - the oath

    I'm at the application stage for Avon & Somerset, Application form successful, waiting (very impatiently!) for an assessment centre date now.
  11. Attestation - the oath

    It's weird they way things work out. I dropped out of uni after my fourth attempt at my second year (what can I say, I'm not a quitter!) through ill health. At my worst I was so agoraphobic I could barely leave my bedroom and I had social anxiety so badly that I would drive 30 miles to the shop run by my friend in order to buy a pint of milk so that I didn't have to interact with anyone I didn't know. I spent my 21st birthday having a psychiatric assessment as I was depressed to the point of being suicidal. In the meantime, I also ended up with the BMI classification of super-morbidly obese - who even knew that was a thing?! Fast forward a few years, and 2016 new years resolution was to be ready to apply by the beginning of 2017. Early 2016 I was first to reach a pretty major RTC on my way home (multiple cars, head and spinal injuries, entrapment, the works). When the police arrived (first emergency response) I briefed the officer and he asked me if I was an off duty officer and that's what made me realise that I was ready to apply. Still got £50,000 of student debt mind you!
  12. Attestation - the oath

    Glad it's not just me! It's been the secret dream for as long as I can remember but a radical personal transformation and a comment from a police officer at a serious RTC has made me realise that it's potentially achievable...!
  13. Attestation - the oath

    Thank you, I just didn't want to be quizzed on it to find that my chosen force had some weird and wonderful clause that I'd totally overlooked! I tell you, if I'd put this much effort into my time at university, I might actually have graduated...
  14. Attestation - the oath

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me - numerous Google searches and the search function on this forum have failed me! At attestation, is the oath taken the same for all specials? Wikipedia tells me that there is a slight variation between specials and regulars, and Scotland and England and Wales but I can't seem to find any information to give me a definitive answer either way as to whether all forces in England have the same oath or not? (I mentioned the word attest in my application form, and having got through to the next stage, feel like I should have some definite knowledge of my chosen force's oath but I'm struggling to find anything concrete) Thanks in advance