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  1. Advanced Driving

    Oh of course, I merely meant that I hadn't realised just how "off topic" we had gone as it was a topic about driving, and we had gone off on a tangent about recruitment!
  2. Advanced Driving

    Apologies... I have just noticed we were posting in the driving topic!
  3. Advanced Driving

    The specials one for me lasted around 20 minutes or so. For the regulars it's a bit odd, they ask you 4 questions, you have 5 minutes to answer each one, in detail, to demonstrate you have the key values and competencies they are after. In my interview the woman was literally sat there, she'd ask a question, and push a button and start the timer! She was also audio recording for some reason.... At one question I was mid-way through giving an answer when the timer went off, irritating to say the least, having to end an answer half way through explaining something!
  4. Advanced Driving

    Force dependent, most forces (barring about 2/3) required you to either be a special with IPS OR have a CKP, the met started using the CKP as a route to entry when they dropped the secondary language requirement for applicants, in around 2013/2014. Kent also used to require you to have the CKP, just before I completed mine they dropped this requirement and it was no longer listed on their website. I did consider transferring across to kent as with all the kerfuffle that went on during my process to join the regulars I had a bad feeling that it wouldn't end well, so was preparing for the worst and thinking if it goes belly up, i'd transfer my search score over to Kent (bearing in mind I live on the London/Kent border). In the Met there is no "final board interview", nor any "home visit" from an inspector... the only interview you have is at the day 1 assessment centre, that's it.
  5. Advanced Driving

    That's exactly why I joined the specials.... from a young age I wanted to be a Pilot or a PC, the cost of pilot training (in the region of £130k plus) made it prohibitively expensive, so I opted for the latter option, at one stage I had a brief spell where I wanted to be a paramedic but I feel uneasy when doing basic medical tasks such as taking pulses etc... so decided probably not the best career for me! I joined the specials as a "try before you buy" sort of thing, try it out, and see if I enjoyed it, which I most certainly do, now the prospect of being paid to do the same role is even more appealing, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and apply, was successful, and start training in a few weeks. I've heard from a few people who were specials, but are now regulars, and say "don't join", they're constantly depressed from going to horrendous callouts, I suppose it's all down to the person, just need to remember that death is a part of life, sad as it is. Being a special helps, yes, but it most certainly does not guarantee you a place in training for the regulars, you still need to retake a day 1 and day 2 and prove that you are competent. When I had my day 1 for the specials, we had interviews, but no roleplays, for the regulars we had both interviews and a roleplay. Likewise for the specials the interview was a bit basic, whereas for the regulars they would probe further, so you'd give an answer and they'd say "Can you explain more detail how this fits in with x criteria?"... for instance, or "what do you mean by that?". Day 2 was almost identical, except for the regulars they took a sample of hair from me for SMT, whereas for the specials only 1 in 3 candidates were randomly selected to have it done, and it was done through a urine sample.
  6. Advanced Driving

    Whether you are CKP special to join regulars or IPS, you do not just "join the regulars", you resign from the MSC and join the regular force, so yes, you will have to go through the assessment process twice, I agree it's a bit tedious, but hey ho. I've been through the process twice, first time as a Special in October 2015, then this time round as a regular in February 2017 (was supposed to have my Day 1 in November 2016 but was unwell, that was the next date available). Day 1 SEARCH assessment scores are valid for 12 months, so if you pass your day 1 but don't make the grade with your applied to force, you can always transfer your application across to most other forces, although some forces have restrictions on this and don't allow this, those are usually specialist forces however.
  7. Advanced Driving

    Not where I am, if i'm with NTT/LPT (local disorder patrols we're either in 2 vans or a large carrier), if i'm with ERT (response) then i'm usually in a marked ford focus or vauxhall astra, although on one occasion I was paired up with a PC and put in the huge carrier, because we had run out of vehicles! 1) Driving courses numbers and chances of getting it vary from force to force, in Kent police I hear the chances are good, whereas the force I'm in (Met) the odds of getting a course are slim, I know some PC's who have been doing the job a number of years and still aren't even basic drivers, that is, they can't drive any police vehicle AT ALL! 3) Response courses again vary from force to force, some forces have their own training schools (like the Met's driving school at Hendon), other forces will outsource to approved partners who will provide blue light training for their officers, and then of course a final assessment, they are only supplied to those in the services, you can't just go out as a civvy and complete a blue light driving course, they're for those in authority only. 4) IPS just basically means you are a competent officer, who has demonstrated that they know how to complete the majority of things, i.e completing a lawful stop and search, premises search, lawful arrest, vehicle seizure, drugs seizure, etc, I've been in a year and nowhere near IPS, what makes it worse is in the Met you are required to demonstrate every single competency TWICE.... so one stop and search done, to standard, the PC's you're with will sign it off, then you need to get your inspector/supervisor to sign it off, then you need to complete another stop and search to the required standard and get that signed off to, the same applies to every other criteria in the book, they said at my attestation it can take up to 12-18 months to achieve. The quickest i've known anyone to become IPS from leaving training school is just under 4 months, although he really did cram shifts in and did 400 hours in the space of just 2 months, said person is now a regular alongside someone else I trained with as a special. Once you are IPS you have effectively "proven" your competence and so are trusted to do things such as driving, amongst some other things. Also, I would advise you to refrain from saying you are a police officer when you aren't, even being in training you're still a candidate, until you attest you're still a civilian, that said, don't feel I'm getting at you, just some advice, i'm sure you'll love it, joining as a special is the best thing I've ever done.
  8. Advanced Driving

    I'm a Special (have been since June 2016), about to resign to join the regulars now I have my training place confirmed. To answer the questions: Driving is not a mandatory thing, in other words you don't get it by default once you attest and get your warrant card, it's very much a privilege, I know of 1 special who was on my borough who was a BASIC driver, however to even get basic driving you MUST be IPS in the force i'm in (Met). Unfortunately said special (not defining gender or name for anonymity purposes) was investigated by the DPS for using blue lights en-route to a call under a basic permit which said special was not allowed to do under any circumstances, as a result of the DPS investigation said special decided to resign, sad as said special was a very competent officer and very likable, that said, actions have consequences, basic drivers are reminded of their obligations and they have no lawful exemptions when driving, said special knew this but decided to disregard it when answering the call. Response courses are very few and far between, I've been out with response team officers who have been in the job for 17 years and still haven't done a response driving course, although that's more because they have little interest in doing so. I've met plenty of officers who would love to do driving but aren't able to due to the lack of budget for such courses (each one costs approximately £2k), all of which have been in the job well over 5 years. For Specials it's different, you may be offered a driving course, but you'll start on basic, this is usually a theory test and then a quick drive around with an inspector who will sign you off.Most forces tend to require those they offer courses to to have IPS (or the equivalent in other forces), i.e you are very experienced and would be able to handle yourself on your own out on the streets. There's literally no point giving a newly joined officer with little to no experience a driving permit which would then mean they take up a valuable resource (in the shape of a police vehicle) who would then be unable to deal with anything they might come across whilst out on vehicle patrol due to their lack of experience. I too hold a full UK driving licence, with pass plus, have done since January 2013, but am still not allowed to drive AT ALL (not even basic) in the specials as i'm not IPS (I went down the CKP route to join the regulars). Undertaking RoSPA courses are at the discretion of the force, they will offer you a basic/response/advanced etc driving course if they feel you are suitable and they have the capacity for it, they won't just give you one if you request it, otherwise every single officer, barring those who don't want to drive, would all be able to drive, which simply isn't the case. As a general rule of thumb most PC's don't get any form of driving courses or taser courses until they are out of probation, because they could end up spending a few thousand on driving courses for you only for you to not meet the necessary criteria to pass your probationary period and be dismissed from the force, a waste of money. As for the medical part - I'd strongly advise you NOT to carry anything medically related on you that you are not approved to carry or isn't standard issue, the only medical equipment you should be carrying (more in the vehicle than on your person) are possibly defibs (force and borough dependant) and a first aid kit which in the Met is mandatory for every patrol car before it's allowed out of the yard, carrying, or using any medical equipment on someone that you aren't approved for just leaves you wide open to civil or criminal litigation claims. The force will "defend you" using the equipment they provide you provided you act reasonably an in accordance with use of force powers, if they find you have used something you were not permitted to use on someone (medical or not) they will not be defending you, in a legal aspect, should anything happen. You can usually retain the skill when you transfer from department to department or borough to borough, provided you are "in date" so to speak or have done any required refresher courses. Finally, driving to my knowledge is not any part of standard training in any force whatsoever, the training focuses solely on legislation and powers, not driving. Also, how can you be a police officer when you don't start training until November? You aren't a police officer officially until you attest and take the oath in the presence of a magistrate...
  9. As i've said before, crims get more protection than we do...... We're asked to do our job, and then not allowed to do it. On one hand, you have a person who wants us to chase the moped thieves because they've just had their phone nicked.... Then on the other hand, you have some anti-police idiot who will say "You're going to chase someone at high speed over a phone?"... Can't possibly win with society these days.
  10. Very much so... Surprised she's still alive to be honest.
  11. People are into some real kinky **** these days.......
  12. This conversation is still ongoing? My god. Let it go George.... please. In effect there's no "stonewall" definition of "this is offence but this isn't" it's a case of the circumstances surrounding it, that's the part you're missing.
  13. This is getting stupid.... soon no officer will be wanting to use any emergency equipment when responding to an immediate as they could be done for "Careless driving", as it says, there are no "legal exemptions" from this. I feel like a review seriously needs to be done on this, in any other country around the world police drivers are afforded certain exemptions and may conduct manouvers such as blocking or boxing, PIT etc without fear of being charged for careless driving.... not here though, as I say, welcome to nanny state britain, everything is always someone else's fault, it's never the driver or rider that takes off, it's always the police's fault for following.... get a grip.
  14. Like I say, freedom of information request from last year, or may have been 2015... not sure. Doubtless it's changed since then, or incorrect facts were provided..
  15. One thing I know for sure, the station I work out of has no response or above, capable specials. Just this morning I received a DS email (Sent to myself and all others) reminding us of our duties to challenge unacceptable behaviour, from our colleagues. We were then reminded that BASIC drivers in the specials have NO authority to use blue lights, exceed the speed limit, or proceed through red lights whilst driving... I can only imagine a special with a basic permit has been caught doing one of the above.. I'm wondering - would something like this lead to dismissal, or a severe warning? I suppose it all depends on the reason for doing so....