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  1. As a serving special in the Met, it's been mentioned we may be getting level 3 driver soon (basic), but that's it, the issue at the minute is the cost of paying for everyone to go on a response or pursuit driving course, until then there's no way we're getting anything beyond level 3 basic. Just waiting for my day 1 results from the D1 AC for the regs!
  2. I've done a total of about 6/7 shifts, compromising around 75 hours, as Special in the Met since late August when I had my first shift. I've yet to feel unsafe on duty, this is usually due to the fact i'm in a carrier with several other specials, and usually several regulars. As i'm not IPS when on any foot patrol i've done i'm always with either a regular IPS PC or several other specials. I know people are amazed that we police the streets with just a baton and CS for the majority, but the general attitude towards the police where I work is mainly good, i've had several instances where people come out of pubs and clubs and say "British police are the best in the world", and "we are so polite", of course, along with the obligatory "I wanted to join the police" people. My opinion may change, particularly once I complete PACS and SOROC and can then go onto IPS and will likely be doubled crewed with someone on a response team (which is exactly what i'm after), but until then I feel perfectly safe in a carrier or on foot with several of my colleagues nearby.
  3. Nothing really, I would personally arrest for the "prevent Disappearance" part of IDCOPPLAN.
  4. Thanks for that. Muggins over here failed his resit this morning by 1 f*cking question, on Disqual driving, some of the questions are very technical..... For instance, a question I had which I think I got wrong and led to me failing: "Bob is in his car which is being towed along by a tow truck, he is sat in the driver's seat, PC xyz sees him in the driver's seat and knows from the briefings he is a disqualified driver, does Bob commit the offence of driving whilst disqualified?" I chose yes to start with, then changed my mind as all the previous questions related to controlling propulsion for disqual driving, he can't control the propulsion of his car if the engine is off, regardless of whether or not he has steering wheel and brake pedal controls. The definition says steering wheel and brakes to be "driving", the questions were asking about driving but continually mentioned "propulsion".... I feel that was some kind of trick question which I fell for, and as a result has cost me big time. I've now got to recourse on the 29th april and start from BOP again, even though I only failed on Disqual driving despite having 4 sections to retake today. Two weeks til then and then two weeks of theory and one last chance at passing the KEE 3. As far as I understand If I fail that then i'll be asked to leave and my application will be over. I've emailed back asking if it's possible if I can just resit the exam again one final time, so far i've just happened to pick the wrong answer every time, it's not a case of not knowing enough to pass the exam. The first KEE 3 attempt there were a lot of 50/50 questions whereby I narrowed the correct answer down to 2 answers, and just happened to pick the wrong one in every section, the resit this morning I picked the wrong one in one single section and therefore failed. Got to be said I feel majorly depressed right now, to be expected I suppose.
  5. I did awfully bobcat, BOP, Drivers obligations, Driving whilst disqualified and public order, 2/5 on each of those, 3/5 or 4/5 on all the other sections which I passed. I feel it does have to be said that some of the exam questions are poorly worded, whereby some of the answers can be perceived in different ways by different people, in other words the answers are not exactly clear and as a result you could pick the answer interpreting it one way and it could in fact mean the other and therefore be wrong. Regardless, I'm re-sitting the 20 questions (5 questions in each section I failed) on Friday morning and then briefly going to stay to finish my Terrorism NCALT on the aware terminals at Sovereign Gate RLC as that NCALT can only be completed at a police station, other than that i'll have to nip to my local nick and hope they allow me to use theirs to complete them, i'll have had to have handed my student pass back in by then so not sure how they'd let me in, I have a warrant number but no shoulder numbers yet, I believe I get those on borough.
  6. I had my induction evening on the 16th Feb also at New Scotland Yard. Everyone there wore suits, shirt, tie, suit trousers and jacket, normal business dress, the kind of thing you'd normally wear if you worked in an office or were going for a job interview. It lasts about two hours and you'll get told loads of things, what is expected from you, MSC structure, benefits (free TFL travel oyster), the course structure, the uniform, etiquette, things you should not do, etc. I had my last day of my 4.5 week intensive training course yesterday with our final KEE 3 exam, unfortunately I failed along with a few others so i'm re-sitting the exam on Friday morning. My attestation was originally due to be on the 17th April, but due to a c*ck up it's now going to be on the 15th May. It's a lot of hard work but it's well worth it in the end. I wish you all the best.
  7. Yes, I see they've now opened recruitment again and removed the second language requirement, however i'd still need a CKP. Going to (fingers crossed) complete rest of specials training, attest, gain IPS and then probably apply again. I've heard that there's another MSC -> PC intake in October, may try for that if it's true.
  8. Affirm, I'm going to take a 100% guess that you can tell that from the PY in the username I saw ZD and PY on the list, I used to work in ZD but PY is closer and I know it better, it also happens to be the borough I live in. On that note, my local police office houses a few officers, but the main nick is in Bromley itself, any idea which i'll get posted to, do I get a choice? I'd imagine i'll be posted to the station itself, right by Bromley South train station.
  9. Interesting you should say that... I live right on the border of Kent/London, right by the outer edge of the M25 but just on the London side of it. I have to commute into Richmond for theory, (TW9 postcode - Twickenham) and Kennington (Lambeth) for Officer Safety Training (OST), the journey by car, walking, tube and train is approximately 30 miles. This costs me in fares alone £59.10 a week, add fuel to that... it's about £65 a week for me. You pay up front, and this is for the met only, not sure how it works in other forces - you keep the receipts and once you pass the course AND attest, you can then submit expenses claims on borough. I was told the other week we can only submit expenses for up to £10 a day which frankly is awful, my total expenses this far already add up to £300 and there's still 10 training days left. Going by the met's logic given the course is 24 days intensive, and you can claim up to £10 a day that equals £240 total claim for expenses, which is going to leave me out of pocket significantly if that's the case by the time i've attested. I'm seriously hoping that £10 a day thing is a load of cr*p. Your force will likely vary, best bet is to do what i've done which is keep all your receipts, receipt for your boots, travel fares, etc, then submit them when you get on borough.
  10. Yes, basically, it's not as bad as people make out. I originally on the first attempt got the third highest score in the class, but still failed, with 37/45, this is because you need at least 3/5 on all 9 modules of the KEE 1 Exam, I got quite a few 5/5, a few more 4/5, some 3/5 and one 2/5 unfortunately. 5 of us including me had to resit it 3 days later, I did the best on the resit and got 5/5, then 4/5 and 3/5 respectively for the other two that passed, the other two failed both with 2/5 and they are re-taking the course next month. NB. Not sure how it works in WM police, but in the met if you get recoursed and you fail the exam again you get dismissed, i.e asked to leave and your application is over. I'll give you some good pointers as what to study very in depthly for the KEE 1 Theft Robbery Burglary Trespass Criminal Damage Criminal Attempts Street ID All KEE Exams are multiple choice with 4 answers, usually there are two wrong answers and two that are somewhat correct, however one is more legal or is more correct, that is the answer you are after. Mainly you need to know the key points to each crime, i.e for Robbery there must be a threat (a threat of force being used) OR force being used against a person to take an item that puts them "in fear". I.e Taking someone's property without touching them directly (i.e using force) and without threatening them is theft, not robbery. I.e Burglary is theft as a trespasser. (See EX1 for example question) Also you need to know the definitions. I.e A person is guilty of theft it they dishonestly appropriate to take property belonging to another with the intent of permanently depriving the other (owner) of it. Key points to prove: Intent Appropriation Of Property Dishonesty Permanently deprive EX1 - This is very similar to a question I had on my KEE 1 exam John is a decorator who has been contracted by Mrs Jones to do some redecoration work in her bathroom. One day whilst Mrs Jones is out, John decides to walk into a bedroom of the house and takes a valuable looking watch from a bedside table, and puts it in his pocket to keep, does John commit Burglary under section 9 of the Theft Act 1968? A) No, John has not left the property with the item yet. B) Yes, John has committed Burglary as he has entered the bedroom as a trespasser to take the valuable item. C) No, John has committed Theft as he has taken something that belongs to another with the intention of permanently depriving the owner of it. D) Yes, John has committed Burglary as he has entered the house and has taken an item belonging to another. The correct answer to this question would be B, to commit Burglary the person must enter the property/premises as a trespasser. When John is invited in by Mrs Jones and contracted to do the work, the invitation inside the house is to the bathroom only, as this is where the work is being carried out. If John were to steal something from the bathroom, this is Theft NOT Burglary. However, as John has stolen something from a room which he entered as a trespasser (I.e not invited / allowed access to the room by the home owner), he has committed Burglary. It's not answer D because although D is technically correct, B is more correct as it makes mention of John entering the bedroom as a trespasser to take the valuable item, thus being more correct. I apologize if this reply is bit wordy, but I'm trying to get across the level of detail they require, you can pass these exams reasonably easily if you put the revision hours in and pay attention in class, but they are easily failable if you don't put the time in that is required.
  11. I'm 3 weeks into a 4.5 week intensive training course for the Metropolitan Police special constabulary, our uniform fitting date is the 1st April which is the end of the 4th week! Uniform fitting will vary from force to force, and also come down to stock levels and number of candidates in the intake. Most of the other groups in the RLC we're at have had their uniform for weeks, but not our group. The first day for me was mainly an admin day, signing the official secrets act, understanding codes of conduct, what is expected, what we CANNOT do, warrant numbers and a brief overview of the course structure, that was day 1 at Hendon, for the last 2/3 weeks we've been at Sovereign Gate RLC in Richmond (London). Unfortunately we've already lost two candidates from our group as they failed the KEE 1 exam and the resit, they are now going to return on the 12th April (the day after we finish the entire course) to restart the whole course over again, minus the OST and ELS assessment as they passed those alongside everyone else. On your first day it will mostly be admin stuff I expect,
  12. To each their own. I revise by reading my notes and make use of the iPlod app on my iPhone when on the train for revision.
  13. I don't think you can claim money back for study materials, you can claim money back for your patrol boots (up to £50-£55 I think it is), and reasonably incurred travel expenses, pretty sure you can't claim back for blackstone's books.
  14. More or less what Jordan said, tomorrow is also the end of my second week on the intensive MSC training course, I'm at Sovereign Gate RLC (Richmond), I take it Jords you're at Hendon? I also have my KEE 1 exam tomorrow, and handcuffing OST 4 assessment next week, uniform fitting is currently 1st April which is a bit crap as it's only 10 days before the end of the course, and also the same day as our KEE 2 exam, one of our trainers is trying to get this date changed. If you want to get a headstart i'd recommend reading in detail into the definitions of: Theft Burglary Robbery Criminal Attempts Criminal Damage These 5 come up an awful lot in the first two weeks.
  15. Correct, it was police interceptors, the narration specifically said "He was warned not to use them on the road again"..... which implies to me he was allowed to keep the vehicle, but was told clearly not to use BL on public roads (I believe you can use BL on private land - with permission).