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  1. Ouch! Reminds me of the blisters I had during OST when we did the punching strikes on the soft pads, my knuckles became blistered from repeatedly striking the pads, eventually the skin broke and the knuckles began to bleed which was a pain in the a**.
  2. Absolutely disgusting behaviour by what I can only imagine is an immature little brat, doubtless making mass false allegations, very well potentially ruining a PC's career all for the sake of nothing... This is one of my mass pet peeves, immature children, or adults for that matter, making false allegations and getting a completely innocent PC into trouble, as a result despite being cleared of all charges numerous times each time they come back to have another bite at the cherry. What will happen to the little scrote? Nothing, of course, he'll get a slap on the wrist and that's the end of it, meanwhile the likely innocent PC will be dealing with investigations for years, stress, media shaming, you name it..... this s*** really has to stop.
  3. So as you may be aware the new laws bought in about a month or so ago introducing tougher penalties for using a mobile phone at the wheel have caused some confusion, there have been several posts in the news that say that using your phone at a drive through can land you with a fine and points... I believe this to be true as I believe it is classified as a public road/place given the implied right of access to the public, it's a drive thru - and that's it's sole intention. Others seem less sure, some suggesting it is on private land and therefore it's a civil matter, assuming the likes of McDonalds etc even want to make a fuss over it, in reality, they wouldn't. Can anyone clarify? I suspect what I posted is more likely to be the correct answer, but nonetheless I feel the public and private road laws are a bit of a grey area, i've read things that state it's considered a private place if there's signs up stating it's private parking for customers only, therefore in theory you could commit a crime (say a traffic offence) in a car park and get away with it? However, doesn't this then become contradicted by the public place rule, a car park although on private land, it's still a public place, with implied right of access for members of the public? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks, I am aware in some court cases that involve similar technical arguments involving common law, statutes and acts etc, a judge effectively puts an end to any future cases using the same argument and that is then recorded and archived online, I am not aware of this anywhere under this example and don't believe it has happened yet, i've heard of judges being confused on the legal side of where all this nonsense stands, I personally don't believe any of it as I say, it was merely just asking someone perhaps more knowledgeable and with more experience in relation it - many thanks for your input.
  5. So as some serving PC's and even those who aren't serving may be aware of, certain people like to use "Free man of the land" rubbish when stopped by police, often stating "I am a free man, acts and statues do not apply to me, I consent only to common law" etc. I am under the belief that all of this is complete an utter tripe, and that statute law supercedes common law, i.e is higher up, and therefore applies in the given scenario, in other words, you cannot use public roads and say "I do not consent, the road traffic act is an act, acts and statutes do not apply to me"... is this more or less the case? I thought by using public roads you are in effect, automatically giving your consent to the RTA. Another thing these types of people like to say is "I do not consent", but what they forget is that it's mass consent by the public, not just an individual deciding whether they want to consent or not. People also like to spout they are "travelling" and not "driving", however they are driving given they are operating a mechanically propelled vehicle on a public road, the law differentiates between driving and travelling. In other words, what i'm asking is does this lark have any legal standing whatsoever? I'm under the strong impression it doesn't and have yet to ever see anyone get off any charge at all under that pretense. Does anyone here have more knowledge than me on this topic, anyone had any court cases where this has been bought up?
  6. Good luck with it, still remember my first shift... Don't be me and hide away from getting your first arrest, go for it!
  7. That is a damn good statement sir, well put too. I personally wouldn't necessarily stop and search them there and then (ignoring this mrs may stuff for the mo), but perhaps perform a stop and account as others have suggested. I do find this "profiling" lark a bit ridiculous, can't search people who are high off their face and smell of cannabis because we'd be "profiling" them apparently, or that isn't sufficient enough grounds... what do they want? someone to come up to us stating "Hello officer, i've just smoked a ton of weed.."? Surely whether grounds are sufficient or not "at the time" are for the officer to determine, and nobody else.... it can be argued at a later date whether grounds are sufficient - as it is currently? These constant changes in stop and search are the reason i'm always partially nervous when it comes to stopping and searching, do I have enough grounds? If it's deemed I don't later on months down the line, how much trouble will I be in? Is it worth it?
  8. When isn't it a slow news day with the media these days? I must say, there really cannot be a lot going on in the world if the Sun feel it necessary to write a report on 8 police officers having tea and bacon butties down south.... I would far rather PC's / Specials be seen out in public than hid away in some back room, the canteen in my station is still technically open, as in you can use it, but the hot food was done away with long ago, now all you've got to use is a small kitchen, microwave, TV, some vending machines, and some seating to eat the food you've bought in with you. I personally rarely eat on duty, however I don't see why as officers we should have any less right to eat than anyone else, it's a physically demanding job, sat at a desk one minute, next minute on a blue light run, then out on foot chasing someone up the road..... I used to work in an office based role with a bit of walking involved (some days I could walk 6 miles back and forth between the office and a classroom), even then I was given more or less guaranteed breaks, where and pretty much when I wanted them. I'm not sure how police officers eating is news.... they all do that every single day, as would most people.....
  9. I too have been recorded on at least one occasion, outside a nightclub at 1AM trying to stop two guys from fighting each other, one of them hand a gang of mates who did all they could to provoke the situation and in the end myself and another PC had to try and get them back by ourselves, (he was arrested for BOP at this point by a colleague), at this point they all whipped out their phones and started recording, it doesn't bother me at all to be honest. I myself have yet to be subject to a complaint, and I sincerely hope I do not get any as i'm going through the vetting process for joining as a regular, having passed a day 1 and day 2 recently, a complaint could make my conditional offer be withdrawn, which I would be appalled at. That said, we are now always forced to wear BWV, and I always make sure i've got it, as long as I keep my actions in check when dealing with people, the only one who has anything to worry about is them, any false allegations would be recorded and BWV can be replayed, and in effect show that you are completely innocent, personally I wish people that make false allegations were dealt with more robustly than just a warning, seems far too soft, without BWV you could potentially ruin an innocent PC's career as it's your word against theirs... Do I feel supported by the borough complaint wise? I'm sure there's people i can turn to for help, and to ask questions, i'm a part of police mutual and i'm sure they provide some sort of legal cover. Do I feel more protected with the likes of BWV ? Yes, most definitely.
  10. Maybe it's just me, you'll rarely ever catch me eating on shift! Longest shift so far was nearly 11 hours, on a Lucozade!
  11. Apologies, I was aware some of the terms were "MetSpeak" so to speak, but not quite that many of them!
  12. Good on you lad, you'll do fine, I remember my first shift... I refused a first arrest because I was nervous as hell, and worried about what the grounds for the arrest were, and the entire booking in process, in the end we didn't end up nicking the bloke but we accompanied him to hospital, which was my first ambulance ride with another special and the paramedics. Since then, I had an arrest stolen from me by a regular after a FTS pursuit (Fail To Stop), taser officers jumped out and ordered the driver out, I slapped the cuffs on and we lead him back to the van, I turned and said to my colleague "My first arrest!"... he then decided to immediately caution the suspect and read him the offences he was under arrest for (of which there were several, would have been a good arrest to get!), got back to the nick and he booked him in... I was gutted! If you get the opportunity to get an arrest, grab it, your colleagues should most definitely come in to custody with you if you ask them to and just to help you if you need a hand with the booking in procedure. Joining the Specials is the best thing i've ever done, it's made me realize how dull every other job i've ever had is, i'm now going through the recruitment process for the regulars, and just passed my Day 2 assessment, so now undergoing vetting and just need to get my CKP, then should get a training start date. When I first started I was very eager, I had to wait at least 2 months from attestation to my first shift, had to have multiple inductions as the Sergeants were never free for long enough to give me my full borough induction in one go.... which really delayed my first shift, if you're anything like I was, you'll be absolutely fine! Some tips for you: Ask plenty of questions, if you are unsure of anything, always ask. If you aren't sure what powers and procedures there are for a set thing, just ask someone more experienced, don't blag it or just guess as you could find yourself in trouble, all you have to do is ask. Write any important details down in your PNB, VRM of any vehicles you stop, description of suspects, contact details for witnesses, names of people wanted on recall, or WM (Whiskey Mike, or "Wanted Missing"), etc. Make sure you have a spare battery on you for your radio, I usually carry two spares when i'm out on shift, they have a habit of dying in just a couple of hours! Not sure if your force requires you to wear BWV (Body Worn video), if it does, make sure you don't forget it! My force requires me to wear it, even as a Special, without it you could "come a cropper" as the saying goes.. Take some chocolates/biscuits/sweets in with you if you can, usually goes down well! Try to talk to the public, or make the occasional funny remark, but obviously nothing you may consider even slightly offensive. Also, just for your info, here's some common slang terms you'll possibly hear, and what they mean: PNC - Police National Computer - Database of vehicles, people, you can run a name, or a vehicle registration plate or (I think!) the VIN number through it, to find if it's been reported LOS (Lost or Stolen), etc. MDT - Mobile Data Terminal - The small computers most police vehicles have, built into the centre console usually, some police vehicles do not have them fitted, so you'd run PNC/CAD checks over the radio, these computers allow to you view current assigned incidents (CADs), accept new CADs, display a map, show your route to a call, run names and vehicle plates through the PNC, and other functions. CAD - Computer Aided Dispatch, this is basically just an incident report, that is created by a CAD operator, who will then grade the call based on the information supplied by the informant, all the details of the call are usually on the CAD, i.e the informant's name and number, description of the incident, any suspects, time the call came in, who (which unit) is assigned, etc. LOS - As above, Lost or Stolen - Vehicle reported usually stolen, by an occupier of a home, although sometimes it can be spontaneous, on the street, had that happen to me before in the middle of a foot chase! (WM) Whiskey Mike - Wanted Missing, if someone is Whiskey Mike they are wanted for something, usually an offence or a string of offences, or it may just be for recall to prison. PNB - Pocket Notebook - I'm sure you know what that is! PND - Penalty Notice for Disorder - In my force these are narrow but very long (in terms of height) books, these are used for things such as fines for petty crimes. IRV (Incident Response Vehicle) - Response car, usually a mid-powered car, in many forces, Ford Focus estate or Vauxhall Astra estates. Panda Car - Usually a marked police car, but driven by those who are not trained to response driver level, although this varies from force to force. One I often hear a lot, usually shouted over the radio, "Suspects on"... means, "suspects on scene", usually you hear this when an officer is responding to a call, arrives, and finds suspects on scene who are about to make a run for it. CARRIER - Usually the long wheelbase vans, tend to be Mercedes Sprinter vans or similar, they are called carriers, because, as you may have guessed, they can carry usually up to about 16 officers. MISPER - Short for Missing, and Person, hence MISPER, these are normally always on an S Grade, usually you'll be called to attend the address of a relative, who has noticed their husband/partner/son/daughter etc missing, you or your colleague will take down the common details, description, any places they may go, anyone they know they may have gone to, have they done this before, can we check their room, etc, been to plenty of these myself, usually you'll end up taking the report and don't hear any more of it, they almost never turn up overnight in my experience. OSCAR/HOTEL/INDIA99 (varies by force) - Callsign for an NPAS helicopter, had one of these scrambled once to assist us during that FTS pursuit I mentioned earlier. TROJAN (ARV/ARU)- Callsign for a firearms vehicle with firearms officers, the guys with the guns, self explanatory, if you're calling for one of these the call is fairly serious in nature, trojan units are often called when a police vehicle carrying standard (unarmed) officers wants to stop a vehicle, runs it through the PNC on the MDT and sees it has a flag for "Firearms", rather than risking stopping it themselves they'll usually see if there's a Trojan unit in the area that can stop the vehicle. If you're in a vehicle, on patrol, these are the grades: I Grade - Immediate, usually warrants Blue lights and sirens, although I have been to I Grades before where the blue lights nor sirens have been used, the use of emergency equipment is really only to be used to aid getting to an incident quickly, in this particular instance traffic was very light, and we were 30 seconds away, no need for the lights or sirens, 15 minute response time. S Grade - Standard response time - up to an hour to attend - normal driving, no exceptions, per se, i've been a passenger in a response car where the driver responded to an S Grade with lights and sirens, although that is up to them to justify, but that rarely ever happens. There's others such as E grade and R? Grade... but those are very rare, i've been a special for 8 months and only heard a single E grade call over the radio. Sorry for the essay! Best of luck with it.
  13. I've noticed that all the regs seem to have a nice pocketbook holder, seemingly a nice sturdy strong backed holder for their PNB, we got issued ours in the specials during training but just got given the red book, I ended up buying a nice PVC holder off Patrolstore for mine, just the typical fold over type, nothing expensively fancy.
  14. As far as i'm aware, I recall being told during training we are NOT allowed to conduct, or "lead" interviews, however we may sit in on them.. and listen in. Pretty sure this is the case, and yes, I'm a special in the Met too, going through the recruitment process for the regs.
  15. I've got one of the old style ASP's, believe it's a Monadnock, the rubber (non gripped part) at the bottom is black and the main shaft is chrome/silver, one of the old friction lock batons, which I have to strike a lot of the time twice before it becomes "racked". Getting it retracted takes some doing too, bang it on the ground very hard and it's hit or miss, sometimes it goes in first time, others not. Flashback to hendon PSU level 3 training, all the others had the newer batons that extend and retract easily, we practised extending and retracting, they all retracted theirs and got back into position, meanwhile i was still crouched down whacking mine into the ground between the thumb and forefinger as taught during OST several times before it eventually retracted! I find it interesting those who attested both before me and after me have the newer style baton, mine was supposed to be forwarded to borough but seemingly never arrived, so I've had to use the MSC Inspector's spare baton which is the old style.