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  1. Nothing is free in this world. Complete non-story!
  2. We all make mistakes, who knows what led her to drink drive.
  3. PC Goody I always enjoy reading your posts, you always take no prisoners, but it would be interesting thing to know are you a serving police officer? Be interesting from what perspective your thoughts come from. I myself a not, however try to give constructive opinions on here
  4. So many counterfit cigs out there, going to be very careful where I buy mine now
  5. I agree with goody being a supporter of the police, I am all for anything that helps, but I doubt this petition will make any difference whatsoever,, as you say the wording is better suited to the Mirror and Mail, my experience of such petitions is the only thing they achieve is boosting the ego of the author.
  6. xxx - sorry wrong thread
  7. Congratulations - Always hear how heard it is to get in the police
  8. As a MOP I would get extremely irritated with these selfish fools and give them a piece of my mind, and shortly after hope the police turn up and arrest them both for wasting everyone's times, just because there egos can take a hit
  9. Really interesting thread for me Have not finished reading all of it, however will get round to it eventually!
  10. Daily Mail at it again maybe? They have history for twisting the facts.
  11. Shameful, when hope when I need some help I wont get ignored.