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  1. Special's final assessment what can I expect?

    Had to get the supervisor involved and present my coursework and other grades or something. I didn't have an issue with the practical at all. My written issue was purely down to a) lack of sleep b) working a full day starting at 7am and then travelling 2 hours back to sit the exam.
  2. Special's final assessment what can I expect?

    Not exactly. I was 2 marks short of passing and had to get permission to attest. It is possible to fail it!
  3. phone app- police training

    I am guessing you meant more police related? I can't find a QOTD one for police? Edit: I was typing it in full. It's just QOTD
  4. Completely agree with the above. People were obviously irate for some reason. The guy the officers may well have been armed. But imagine the outcry! "Officers shoot innocent cyclists!" And the like. What the guys did by "tactically retreating" is the best action they could have taken without support. I do hope the media don't force action against the officers...
  5. Wonder if they were from down sarf and really lost and confused with the higher altitude...
  6. Off duty arrest

    Thank you for the clarification!
  7. Off duty arrest

    Loss of property can be handled by keeping it upon yourself. Cheers for the understanding though, I presume any of these is sufficient so long as it's "something"?
  8. Off duty arrest

    So, As a newbie. Reasons for the arrest could be to ascertain the persons name / address? Or prevent the disappearance of the individual?
  9. First duty tonight - tips

    So how did it go?
  10. First duty tonight - tips

    Can't comment about it, but write about it after!
  11. Boot allowance for West Mercia / Warwickshire too