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  1. Of course, the risks there were massive. Luckily it ended without any serious injury. I personally wouldn't risk it unless absolutely necessary
  2. The suspect probably wasn't expecting to be detained so swiftly, and didn't see the officers coming if they were in "civvies".
  3. Lets be honest, does any criminal think through their actions before committing a crime? I've seen some outrageous attempts, which they clearly haven't thought about. But then I have seen the other side. Some are "good" at what they do.
  4. This has happened more than once. Im sure an interceptor unit got the same sort of treatment during a routine stop on a stretch of motorway. The fact the occupants had a steady supply of missiles says its premeditated. Idiots! This could well cost somebody their sight and career.
  5. No of course not. I take any media reports with a pinch of salt. Never give you the full story
  6. "Why did you run?" "because you were chasing me officer" stolen from one of many police tv programmes, never fails to raise a smile
  7. Swastika tattoo on chest...?

    As above. If there is a complaint from a MoP, a request to cover it up would be sufficient. His response dictates how this pans out.
  8. BBC.Custody drugs death man Istiak Yusuf searched for 22 seconds

    Are the police not going to be labelled "over zealous" if a strip search is used everytime? We will never win
  9. The way I see it, there's a percentage who don't like the police for the simple reason its an authority figure, and that's no good when they want to do as they please. They would be the first to come running god forbid anything happens though
  10. Because they wouldn't get people's attention otherwise, news has to be shocking or it doesn't count if you ask me
  11. Probably not much BobCat, misbehaviour goes on on both sides. It doesn't take much to behave
  12. The video quite clearly shows one of the group wedge said bicycle under the front? What did he expect to happen? "Im sorry sir, could you kindly remove your pedal cycle from under my wheel? There's a good chap". Why on earth were they in the road in the first place? Obstruction of a public highway?
  13. Freeman on the land

    Either way, he is spending some time in the custody suite until he can be a coherent, behaved individual. Not such a freeman now eh buddy?
  14. Car Window Breakers - Offences?

    Personally it would arouse more suspicion being loose in a pocket. I would expect to see it attached to say car keys, otherwise left accessible inside the car. All dependant on their explanation I suppose. Has there been any reports of broken windows/criminal damage etc? Could it be linked to any anti social behaviour? How old is the suspect that is in possession? Do they have a car?
  15. Car Window Breakers - Offences?

    Is it on a set of car keys?