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  1. It has been a long time since 2003, the year when the 1st episode of Rail Cops was aired on our screens. Admittedly I never watched it, mainly because in 2003 I was 6 years old and too busy picking my nose, and causing an unnecessary noise. Although, I came across the series on YouTube. Most episodes, in my opinion, were almost very similar and never offered the excitement and adrenaline to the extent of the likes we see in Police Interceptors, Traffic Cops, Road Wars etc... Although nevertheless I still present the question: Should the Rail Cops series be returned? My thinking is that today's British Transport Police will be more varied and offer some more excitement at times, as policing in all aspects has changed in a number of ways since good 'ol 2003. Your thoughts are welcome.
  2. BTP CNC MDP HETO to merge! Probably.

    I could imagine so. I think applications will still be separate for each infrastructure 'type' or they may even use a 'choice' format similar to the Army application... It's all up for speculation.
  3. BTP CNC MDP HETO to merge! Probably.

    Just well equipped with knowledge... well... available knowledge. lol. In all honesty I am going by accounts made by ex or current serving civilian police on their dealings with RMP during joint patrols.
  4. BTP CNC MDP HETO to merge! Probably.

    Shame the civilian police don't train their members to military policing standards, although understandable of course; but the 'extra bit' of police training that the RMP possess is quite appealing. To me, their training is slightly a step up, to no surprise either given the nature of the community they serve.
  5. BTP CNC MDP HETO to merge! Probably.

    You'll be the new firearms instructor. Unless it's been a while haha
  6. In that case it will be a long wait for the Infrastructure Constabulary. Independence is a question that has been half put to bed. It's still a hot topic, but unless the SNP find success in a new campaign after the EU referendum shows Scotland IN and rest of Britain OUT then this question has at least 5 years before ever being presented back... although it could take longer.
  7. If a new Infrastructure Constabulary is set up and tasked to protect and police UK wide infrastructure environments can this put a stop to the wishes of Police Scotland taking over railway policing in Scotland?
  8. BTP CNC MDP HETO to merge! Probably.

    Get the devolved English Parliament first, then look for a unified Police Service, because WM have never cared much to mention it from my experience.
  9. BTP CNC MDP HETO to merge! Probably.

    Could certainly offer variety? That is one thing I believe to be missing from these small forces: variety. One could possibly move from guarding the power sites, to guarding the nuclear deterrent on the Clyde (albeit it's the same job, different infrastructure, but the ability to move is nice), to then moving onto one of Britain's most challenging Railway Stations. Not trying to sugar coat it though, I will always believe in the individual forces right to exist as their own entity and not to be merged.
  10. Did it drill in any personal qualities, or any form of personality? Or anything else? Seen a similar question on ARRSE with some good responses, so thought I would bring the question here to see what Police Officers say.
  11. My fitness test is coming up in 19 days for the CNC, I need to reach 7.6 on the bleep test... not daunting really. I have been going for runs in order to get my BMI down, and I am satisfied with the results. Now I am solely looking towards the bleep test. I am hoping to get a perspective of the best way(s) to prepare for the test. I can not use my local leisure center's gym hall as it is reserved for badminton, and their is nowhere suitable nearby to measure out 15m to test myself. Thanks in advance for any advice, and tips.
  12. Police / Specials TV documentaries

    It's not a documentary, it was more of an action thrilled drama... the show was called 'Cuffs'... it got cancelled after season 1, not because it was bad, but because people who chose what shows are aired are bad at picking.
  13. I guess you mean sold it? Sorry I am new to the word flogged haha... I thought it would be good to pass it on to the CNC because A) It's not my reward, and B) It's a piece of rarity, from a Constabulary that no longer operates, so it makes sense for the plaque to be displayed at the CNC HQ given they are the successor to the UKAEA Constabulary.
  14. I got a reply, the CNC are willing to host the plaque.