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  1. Do Specials get to interview

    Kent Specials are currently undergoing PIP LVL 1 - a small few at the moment but it's all positive nonetheless.
  2. Young Specials

    Congratz Grandad Good luck to you all!
  3. Young Specials

    To add on to this, fully IPS and also now basic trained for the cars, so yes, age is just a number!
  4. Young Specials

    Became a Special at 18 and 20 tomorrow. Don't see us anymore different than anyone else on the team. Those who judge clearly don't have enough experience to know that ages is just a number! All about attitude/maturity and work ethic.
  5. Target Audience for Specials

    Thank you for all the feedback! I'll relay it to my supervisors and see what we can do! :christmas_D:
  6. Why'd you join?

    I left Uni after my first year as the Uni I was at was not giving me what I thought was worth the £9k+ per year I was paying. I then began an apprenticeship for a company that supports over 3500 PC's across Kent. Only real downfall other than the management being a bit... like every other job I suppose, however the money is where joining the police I'd take an increase. Pay here is a lot lower than industry average, maybe just a change of company once the apprenticeship is complete? Who knows.
  7. Why'd you join?

    I'm in the same industry. IT Engineer. Skeptical about whether or not I want to stay, the money isn't as good as I hoped, police is causing me to umm and arr all the time with regulars.
  8. Why'd you join?

    Personally, I'd always wanted to join the Police and was waiting around for years for applications to open (due to not recruiting). Tried for Specials as it seemed an interesting route in and have been here ever since (recruitment's opened and closed multiple times since).
  9. Target Audience for Specials

    I think this is actually an outstanding point that I missed! You're correct in saying that the fact we have a variety of minds work together, makes it what it is and makes it work! Thank you, I'll be putting some bits regarding that into the presentation!
  10. Washing Kit

    Honestly, all my kit goes together. I've not had a issue with washing after being in a scuffle, all gets bundled in! Can't really afford doing everything separately! Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  11. Hi all, I'm planning on organising a small informational event/recruitment event locally through the force, Kent, however was wondering from your experiences, what do you guys believe the best target audience for Specials is? IMO its those in late teens looking for a policing career and late 30's/early 40's however that's a bit of a gap. What's your opinions? I'd appreciate the feedback. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  12. Why do people mix us up?

    Same thing for me! Lack of people taking interest in the police is usually the case!
  13. Independence Assessment

    Pretty cool opportunity. I've taken a few of the new SC's out recently and it's been really good, I'd like to do something similar to you in terms of training them too!
  14. Independence Assessment

    Good luck Popeye! Sure you'll smash it. I've been put in for basic training and also waiting on my work phone now. Fingers crossed they come soon. I've now got an option of working on new training for Kent Police's Specials, working on new tiers and doing the web development side of it as part of Specials duty (as my day job entails this!) Will be pretty cool.
  15. Driving a MOP's vehicle on duty

    In Kent it's any officer with a driving licence is insured to drive a MOPs vehicle whilst on duty.