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  1. Accompanied Patrol Phase?

    Accompanied patrol sounds like our Operational Phase. For me this means I can go out with any regular or Special who is IP.
  2. SCs and Regs

    I've been a Special for about 6 months and my section are massively pro-special. My Response squad even more so. There can be us and them but as long as you work hard, get stuck in and don't shy away you'll be fine. Always be honest, if you don't know something then just ask. They will never criticize you for asking a question, you're constantly learning as you don't do as many hours as they do.
  3. NCALT + Mac = pain!

    I've done all my NCALT training on my Macbook using Safari and the latest OS. At first it wouldn't work but then I went into settings and allowed popups. This solved the problem for me. Never had an issue since then apart from how long they take...
  4. I did a lot of training prior to my application and when it came to my medical I explained the situation. I took a variety of supplements (Including grenade) over the past 3months. She couldn't fit it all in the box No issues though.
  5. I'm currently going through my SC training (Attest in less than a month) We have been told that we hold the office of constable and are expected to uphold our oath where practicable. But remember the below: Your personal safety - Can you honestly resolve the situation without your PPE. Could it quickly turn nasty etc? Have you been drinking. Have you got anyone to back you up, how far is the cavalry etc As soon as you whip your warrant card out you put yourself on duty and bound by the laws that govern this. Not in uniform etc. Just because you say you're a SC doesn't mean the public have to believe you You need to be zooming round your NDM. Remember, like others have stated. If you don't get involved and you can justify why you didn't then that is acceptable. Become the best witness.