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  1. Basic Driving Test (A-to-B)

    Interesting topic. I've got my basic course at the beginning of September so I'll report back on the content. It's pitched as this: 'Officers will complete the Basic Driver training course which includes a theory test, practical tips, vehicle maintenance and driver assessment.'
  2. Dutysheet app

    We used ESIBS in Notts before we moved to DutySheet. Got to admit DS is a lot better!
  3. Dutysheet app

    Only thing that i'm dubious about (and maybe why there isn't the message function yet) is that the app just opens with no pin code or password every time.
  4. Dutysheet app

    My thoughts also, the messages would be nice but, baby steps i imagine.
  5. Comp Stop is an add on for us. As it goes even though some of us have auto entitlement for basic (like me) we still need to do a one day basic course before doing the comp stop course. What that Comp stop course looks like is yet to be seen, it's not actually been rolled out yet.
  6. Notts (and most of the east mids) are looking at bringing in compliant stop. Officers joining before a certain date have automatic basic ticket and can use lights when stationary. After this date, (post 2015) it's a standard basic course to get in ticket. SC's on certain proactive teams like rural get 4x4 but this is more specialist.
  7. ESIBS vs Dutysheet

    We're now in the dark ages of having neither ESIBS or Dutysheet. A temporary solution was sent via message on ESIBS, telling us how to log duty hours...only problem is all our access to ESIBS has been revoked so can't access our messages....!
  8. ESIBS vs Dutysheet

    Thanks for your feedback all. Having expenses on there is something I'm definitely looking forward to, current email based/paper based system just takes so long. We're having a month long period without either ESIBS or DutySheet so I'm going to be interested in how we manage for the next month or so before we go live!
  9. ESIBS vs Dutysheet

    You assumed correctly Animal. By the looks of it, the main aim is to bring us more in line with our neighbouring forces (We're Notts, so Leics, Northants, lincs etc), so i'd assume the functionality will be similar to those forces. Either way, it's exciting times, ESIBS always felt very basic, and was never used to it's full potential!
  10. ESIBS vs Dutysheet

    Could be a niche topic this but really interested in getting some feedback from the forum. We've just been told that our force is going to be changing the way we manage our duties and record our hours, going from the current system we use, ESIBS, to Dutysheet. I know a number of other forces use Dutysheet so I'm interested in peoples views on it, given we'll be on that in the next 6 weeks, but I'm especially interested in hearing from anyone that has used both ESIBS and Dutysheet, either swapped from one to the other, or used both independently. Interested to know: Key differences Which you personally find better Any useful tips to keep in mind as we transition to Dutysheet Plus anything else you can share! Thanks, SK
  11. Benefits of being a special

    Again, mirroring the above, very force specific. With my force, we're advised not to take any kind of discount by PSD in on the first day of training.
  12. What I Did On Duty

    Was so deep in the depths of the hospital mobile signal was non existent!
  13. What I Did On Duty

    Force: Nottinghamshire Rank: SC Length of Service: 6 months Hours: 1700-0100 Not the most exciting shift…far from it… 1700: arrive at station, kit up, catch up with shift, check emails/briefings etc. 1800: Head to a neighboring patch to return someone’s bike we seized from a suspected burglar. 1900: Get requested to transport person from Custody to hospital 1930-0100: Sit in hospital with prisoner…
  14. How has the Police changed you?

    Definitely this!
  15. Standard Motorcycle Course

    Massive congrats to the officers and the force for giving this training, it's a welcome (albeit totally different) perspective to my force! Here we have to fight tooth and nail to get on a standard A-B driving course, let alone patrol,compliant stops etc...