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  1. We're now in the dark ages of having neither ESIBS or Dutysheet. A temporary solution was sent via message on ESIBS, telling us how to log duty hours...only problem is all our access to ESIBS has been revoked so can't access our messages....!
  2. Thanks for your feedback all. Having expenses on there is something I'm definitely looking forward to, current email based/paper based system just takes so long. We're having a month long period without either ESIBS or DutySheet so I'm going to be interested in how we manage for the next month or so before we go live!
  3. You assumed correctly Animal. By the looks of it, the main aim is to bring us more in line with our neighbouring forces (We're Notts, so Leics, Northants, lincs etc), so i'd assume the functionality will be similar to those forces. Either way, it's exciting times, ESIBS always felt very basic, and was never used to it's full potential!
  4. Could be a niche topic this but really interested in getting some feedback from the forum. We've just been told that our force is going to be changing the way we manage our duties and record our hours, going from the current system we use, ESIBS, to Dutysheet. I know a number of other forces use Dutysheet so I'm interested in peoples views on it, given we'll be on that in the next 6 weeks, but I'm especially interested in hearing from anyone that has used both ESIBS and Dutysheet, either swapped from one to the other, or used both independently. Interested to know: Key differences Which you personally find better Any useful tips to keep in mind as we transition to Dutysheet Plus anything else you can share! Thanks, SK
  5. Again, mirroring the above, very force specific. With my force, we're advised not to take any kind of discount by PSD in on the first day of training.
  6. Was so deep in the depths of the hospital mobile signal was non existent!
  7. Force: Nottinghamshire Rank: SC Length of Service: 6 months Hours: 1700-0100 Not the most exciting shift…far from it… 1700: arrive at station, kit up, catch up with shift, check emails/briefings etc. 1800: Head to a neighboring patch to return someone’s bike we seized from a suspected burglar. 1900: Get requested to transport person from Custody to hospital 1930-0100: Sit in hospital with prisoner…
  8. Definitely this!
  9. Massive congrats to the officers and the force for giving this training, it's a welcome (albeit totally different) perspective to my force! Here we have to fight tooth and nail to get on a standard A-B driving course, let alone patrol,compliant stops etc...
  10. Special at 24.
  11. Don't act like you know it all, listen a lot and If unsure, ask. Get used to using the radio, it's something that you might see as quite simple but can be incredibly important. Learn the shift's brew order, great way to get to know the rest of the team. Remember pen's (and lots of them, just incase!) Most of all enjoy it, you'll never forget your first shift! Hope it hoes well!
  12. I've been stalking this thread for a while so here's my input from my shift last night, go easy on me! Force: Nottinghamshire Police Rank: SC Service: 3 months Shift: 1700-2200 All times approx, shorter shift than usual. 1700: Arrive at station, say hi to everyone and get checking emails, briefings, make a note of any nominals, vehicles of note etc. Have a chat about my development plan, how it’s going so far etc. 1800: Start to kit up when we’re sent to a report of a broken down vehicle on the Dual-carriageway a couple of minutes away from the nick. Head out to vehicle and respond on blues, looking for this broken down car. Spot the car, turns out it’s broken down just off the dual carriageway and AA are in attendance. It’s out of live traffic so we see it safe to resume. 1820: Just as we’re resuming, we see a car jump a red light right in front of us. Do a quick moving PNC check, all checks out, ins,tax, mot etc . Decide to pull for the red light. Blues go on, vehicle looks like it’s going to stop. Just as it starts to slow down, it gives it the beans and shoots off cutting up numerous other cars and makes off. Fail to stop, here we go! Try to follow vehicle but it’s disappeared into one of the estates. Stop the pursuit, put out obs for it. Start an area search. 1850: No sign of the Fail to stop, so we head to a pre arranged appointment, initial crime report for a theft from a vehicle including some House to House. 1930: Hear there’s been a fail to stop RTC that happened around 1830. Thinking it might be our missing vehicle from earlier we go to the address and see what’s what. 1940: Arrive at address, take details from victim of RTC, say they’ve seen the vehicle parked up just up the road, matching description of our fail to stop earlier. We go to check it out. 1950: It’s our vehicle from earlier. Parked on path, secure. VRM matches ours from earlier so we arrange CSI and recovery, intel shows possible drug connections. 2030: Recovery arrives, quick chat with the driver then it’s on it’s way. Head back to the nick to start on the intel submission and crime report 2120: Just as I finish my crime report, control shout up with an all units respond job. Everyone in the nick grabs what kit they can and sprint out to the nearest motor, I inadvertently grab colleagues radio, and they grab mine. Kitting up in the back of a moving sprinter van responding to an I grade is quite the experience! (still feeling slightly brusied from getting thrown about). In the rush, I’ve been separated from my tutor but am with another PC and PCSO so no bother there. 2130: Arrive at scene, all seems quite. Huge police presence but isn’t the first call at this time of night this week, previous have been hoaxes so number of us return to the station. 2140: On the way back, see some colleagues also on their way back with a couple of gents, jump out the van to see what’s going on. Match the description from the I grade of 2 sus males. Tutor is already there talking to males. Strong smell of Cannabis on the two. He shouts up and get’s me to do the Stop Search of the two, my first Stop Search since attesting. Search under misuse of drugs act but search proves negative. Force policy to give receipts of stop search, details of officer searching etc. Quickly fill out and hand to the two, they go on their way 2150: Arrive back at nick. Submit S/S record onto system, and email crime number from the earlier theft from MV to the victim. Happy days. 2200: De-kit, Chat with the next shift for a couple of minutes. Put myself off duty then head home! Shortest but busiest shift I’ve had. Will teach me to expect a quiet shift on a Sunday!
  13. I'm not sure what i'd do to be honest. Whatever happens i don't think you've got enough information to suspect the goods are stolen though. I've got DVD's still in shrink wrap, that I've just never watched. Also got multiple copies of the same one, (christmas presents, other half buying one that she doesn't realise we already have) Etc.
  14. Had an interesting discussion around this at work today, so thought i'd open it up to the floor to get the views of people far more knowledgeable than me! A business has a shared car park, providing parking for a number of businesses on a industrial estate. Between the hours of 0700 and 1900 the gates are open and offer unfettered access from a public road by anyone who wishes to enter. Outside of these hours, the gates are closed, and only open when using an access code given to employees using the carpark. 10 meters into the carpark, there is a speed limit sign displaying 15 MPH as the max speed. Joe Bloggs, who makes collections from a business on the industrial park regularly enters through the gates at speeds well over 30 MPH, is noticed and is confronted. Is the speed limit enforceable? Where does the public/private argument sit? What would you do it called to a dispute relating to the above?
  15. NCALT will be the death of me.....