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  2. Good advice from the Guvnor there, I'm inclined to make that the forum motto!
  3. I wouldn't "nab" him anyway, just trying to get across that someone with a real chip on their shoulder could probably nab him...
  4. Actually in McDonalds that's the exact policy - if food is dropped cleaning has to take place straight away, customers can not be present when said cleaning takes place...
  5. I completely agree that it's a ridiculous idea to think someone would call police over something so trivial, however, I've seen my fair share of strange happenings. I'd also say it is entirely possible to close a whole walkway to mop up a tiny section, my first ever job after leaving school was in McDonalds and when we would clean the floor you'd close the whole walkway and then proceed to mop one square metre of floor at a time, allowing each square metre to dry before cleaning the next...
  6. I certainly wouldn't arrest for spitting but to have a full debate we need to consider all options, I'm not saying I agree with it being s5 or criminal damage but could someone be caused harassment alarm or distress by spitting? Possibly. Also, it will cost the company to pay a cleaner to come and clean up the spit so there's a loss there...
  7. Well not necessarily, spitting could be considered an offence contrary to S5 Public Order Act if you were really that way inclined, also depending on council bye-laws it could be an offence in itself, some councils do issue fines for spitting. Could even potentially be criminal damage, just like you would arrest for criminal damage if someone urinated in the back of a police van?
  8. I think there's a common misconception between what is "Privately owned" and by what is "Private property" My local supermarket is quite clearly a public space, however, it is Privately Owned. That won't stop me arresting a shoplifter, however.
  9. Precisely that, it says: Subject to subsection (5) below, the powers conferred by this section may not be exercised unless an officer of the rank of inspector or above has authorised them in writing. Specials do not possess ranks, they have grades - so a Special Insector holds the rank of Constable, a Chief Officer similarly holds the rank of Constable. In order for a Special to be given the rank of Inspector as opposed to the grade there would need to be a change in legislation.
  10. Now it makes sense! Interesting to see your viewpoint Sir, would you be for going through the time and cost to change legislation to allow Special ranks to do things like s.18's?
  11. We could argue all day about whether an offence has been committed there's plenty of variables which I won't go into. Bottom line - is it in the public interest? It's going to be more cost effective and less of a strain on police resources if you just get a cleaner to clean up the spit and tell the customer to not return to the shop. Obviously if someone were to spit on the floor in front of me then I would be having stern words because I think spitting in general is disgusting anyway, but I wouldn't expect to be called to such a scenario and I suspect the call taker would tell the caller police won't attend anyway or it would be a slow time response as there's much more pressing matters to attend to.
  12. This topic has been locked and no further replies can be made, the reason for this is that the answer has been provided and there is now nothing left to discuss in relation to this topic.
  13. This topic has been locked and no further replies can be made, the reason for this topic being locked is because it has gone off topic and has been discussed to it's limit.
  14. Sorry, you are 22 years old and an inspector? You must be the youngest inspector on record how have you managed that?
  15. It's also highly unlikely that a S/Insp will be allowed to authorise a S. 18 as that would require a change in legislation. Special Inspector is a grade, not a rank, all specials regardless of grade, hold the rank of Constable. In short - it's too much effort to allow a Special Inspector to authorise a S. 18