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  1. My understanding is that the test is simply there to check you can actually drive. For us, it focuses on periods of driving both with and without directions being given to you. Obviously, there's no extra skills given on top. A competent and confident approach would be fine + lots of observations!
  2. Tip 1. Don't call it cop blocking. Tip 2. Get permission from your local force. Tip 3. Don't Americanise too much. You'll lose who you are before you know what's hit you.
  3. While I don't have particular issue with this, I'd like to know there reasoning behind the continuation of the ban. Certainly, on my team around about half of the PCs are still in probation, and of those that aren't only two carry taser. It maybe just seems that we're excluding a significant proportion of our officers from taser.
  4. As above. Police forces pay for the network Airwave and not the radios themselves, as such only they can allow access from devices.
  5. Another reason why you don't use front stack.
  6. Absolutely. 6 years is far too soft. Combine what he did in this video and his history of murder, the judge was much too lenient on him.
  7. Potentially? There's nothing potential about it. He is a very dangerous man. Having got that off my chest. I'm very glad no injury was caused to the officers. It's quite disconcerting to see two tasers fail. I imagine if I had two armed officers and a dog in front of me when dealing with something like that I'd feel rather safe. Certainly a wake up call to that feeling.
  8. Should anyone update the table, TVP has remained the same - so no changes there
  9. What absolute twoddle. The fact that such a harmless picture can attract so much criticism leaves me baffled. People really need to find other things to worry about. Terrorism is a very real, and a very dangerous threat - one that should it occur can only be dealt with by use of substantial force. The public is aware of this, yet continue to fail to understand that Police carry guns for their safety.
  10. I'm presuming he went on to survive the Cardiac arrest since the article says it was him claiming damages?
  11. A phonebox? What's that?
  12. And this is why I never throw books away - you never know what they might be worth in the future, especially since books seem to be rather going out of fashion.
  13. I feel like I should update this. I sent a letter to my MP at the start of November and have now received a reply, which, explains almost nothing. I'm approaching 1000 hours completed, all of which on response. In that time I've been assaulted a total of 4 times, being hospitalised once - albeit precautionary, and had convictions for a grand total of 0. There seems to be a worrying lack of backbones in judges, and certainly magistrates. I think this is where the issue lies, not necessarily with legislation surrounding assaults on Officers. It's difficult to get this opinion across to the appropriate people as they all seem to chin it off on each other. Without law-makers and judges having practical experience of Policing I worry it's unlikely anything will change.
  14. Are you given standard call signs that stick with you, so it never changes? If you're booking on with response it's likely you'll need to book on via Command and Control - only then will you show on duty.
  15. My first duty after attestation was one of the most nerve wracking things I've done. I remember turning up there for 7am, and and being so nervous, but also so excited. To be honest, it was a rather uneventful day, and most of it was spent being driven around the city and surrounding areas getting a good feel of the place. After spending a couple hours driving around we got back to the nick and was given the guided tour of it. A lot of the shift was just spent sorting myself out really. Getting all necessary paperwork, ticket books etc; sorting out lockers and working out what I needed to take with me when out and about. Oh, and of course, drinking tea and eating cake