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  1. Do Specials get to interview

    I've interviewed in Lancs, but I think that is becasue I did a degree program and we got our PIP L1 and PEACE training through the course.
  2. Your guide to VETTING

    Well after waiting for what feels like an eternity I heard back from vetting and everything checks out so I'm set to start training next Tuesday. Couldn't be happier, but they left it a bit tight and had to spend two days chasing up references.
  3. Accommodation

    Lancs is all new from what I've heard, own room, own TV, en-suite and wifi. Expected to keep it spotless too.
  4. Your guide to VETTING

    If anyone could help me that would be great. I'm towards the end of my vetting (only 3 weeks till I'm due to start training) and had a visit from firearms officers the other day. I shoot and collect air weapons, and one that I had imported from Germany had flagged up through customs. It was cleared and allowed into the UK as it was a legal gun of legal specs, however they came to give me the option of surrendering the gun to be destroyed. We had a chat and I decided I didn't need it and signed it over. No crime was committed, I wasn't cautioned and the only reason I'm on record is because of a quick PNC check and my signature in the officers PNB. I was told this would most likely not affect or even come up in vetting, but does anyone have any advice? Should I make vetting aware? Will it affect my application? And could this delay my training? Thanks in advance.
  5. First shift

    Do you start on the 7th by any chance? I'm on the UCLAN intake and that's when were due to start out 3 week residential.