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  1. Fantastic idea, I am a special myself and work in the NHS for my day job. Soon to be GMP regular.
  2. How old were you?

    Attested age 20, a couple of weeks before my 21st Birthday.
  3. Specials and Court Appearances

    What would you wear for court? Force shirt or all blacks? or even own suit?
  4. What I Did On Duty

    Great read ash, what force?
  5. First day of training

    Based in Eastern Division, Lancashire. Hoping for Burnley, what force are you in?
  6. First day of training

    Next friday!
  7. First day of training

    I wish I got my uniform on my first day! I don't think we (Lancs) do, not sure about PPE! Hopefully will get something though, every little thing makes it more and more real and exciting.
  8. First day of training

    Thanks for the replies! Anyone get issued PNB?
  9. First day of training

    What to expect? Did anyone receive any equipment, personal PNB etc?
  10. Smart Casual

    Always had smart casual down as jeans, but no jeans for our training weekends, any advice?
  11. General advice for training?

    I'd put this in the Lancs section, all training is different for all forces.
  12. get called to a job and the suspect/victim/witness etc is someone you know, what happens from then? Always been curious about this.
  13. DNA swabs during induction?

    Lancs is done during your medical, and it is for the reason said above.
  14. Accommodation

    Sorry this should be in the Lancs section! No idea how to move it
  15. Accommodation

    Can anyone give me a heads up on what the accommodation is like? Own TV? On Suite? Wifi? Thanks in advance!