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  1. I meant a publicly accessible shopping centre owned by a private company. In my personal opinion Sapor62 has hit that nail on the head.
  2. There are two protests in the local city centre, one being pro-Trump and another being anti-Trump. Miss A from the anti-Trump protests make a point about one of their friends (who is present) Miss B being a Muslim and Mr C the Donald Trump supporter from the pro-Trump protest accuses Miss A of lying asks Miss B "Where is her headscarf?". This matter is reported to you by both Miss A, Miss B and another MOP. Any offences? If so how do you deal with them.
  3. A local lout, Mr A sees his former teacher Mr B stood across the road and pulls his mobile phone out to call his goons to tackle Mr B to the floor push Mr B to the wall. MOPs see this and call 999 to report that they have witnessed an assault in progress with the offender still on scene. Control immediately send you to attend. What do you do upon arrival?
  4. You are called by the duty manager of a shopping centre who reports that someone has spat on the floor of a shopping centre and the person is still present. Given that it is private property are there any offences there? What do you do?
  5. Good question, thanks for asking it! I have edited my above post and you will find the answer there.
  6. It's a genuine Ambulance service car purchased second hand and in possession of a person other than a member of the Ambulance service. For the purpose of this scenario, checks confirm that it isn't stolen but that it isn't in possession of any Ambulance service but that the person currently driving it is not a member of any Ambulance service despite their uniform.
  7. You are called by the duty manager at the local leisure centre who reports a party of children from the local special needs school have attended the poolside area and mostly left but that one of them is still stood by the waters edge and is refusing to leave. What do you do?
  8. You are a female officer who finds yourself dealing with a male known to have "unhealthy addictions to female officers" as per intel systems. Do you do anything differently? If so then what?
  9. You are on vehicle patrol when you receive intelligence via the control room stating that the Ambulance service have let them know that someone has called them to report that someone is driving an Ambulance service car down a motorway in another county headed in the direction of your force area. Shortly after you see the "Ambulance" and call it in to control. The "Ambulance" overtakes you and activates it's blue lights. You activate your blue lights and pull the "Ambulance" over. The driver complies and is dressed as a member of the Ambulance service. However he won't produce any ID or his driving licence on request but gives his name and address on request. You confirm that he has a full driving licence. What do you do?
  10. Funnily enough I have applied to be a member of my local forces lay visitors panel but was refused most likely on the grounds of my criminal record. I have a criminal record as a result of officers antagonising me and me reacting to it.
  11. If I were a cop: 1a. If I believed that a bomb was onboard I'd attempt to remove him from the lorry and place him into my patrol car and then drive off on blues and twos as quickly as possible! I'd then make control aware of what I'd done and that there's still an overturned lorry present with a suspected bomb on board. I'd head towards the nearest A&E and let the staff know the situation without attempting to move the male. 1b. If I didn't believe that a bomb was onboard I'd close the road and protect the scene as best as I can. I'd then return to cab, carry on talking to the driver and assuring him that he'll be fine and that I'm not going anywhere. I'd let him know that the fire brigade are on the way to remove him from the vehicle and that the nearest ambulance is on its way to take him to hospital. I would also ask why he wants to leave the cab so urgently. 2. Given that Scooby has already not listened to me, she would be getting taken to the floor and nicked for affray. Once situation under control then I'd request that another unit attend to take her to custody. 3. Call for backup (using the emergency button) and make the control room aware of what's happened. I'd then draw my baton and shout "GET BACK, PUT THE WEAPON DOWN". If he carried on advancing towards me I'd let him have it until he hits the floor.
  12. Apologises for the incorrect title. Only party B is drunk, party A is sober!
  13. You're on public order duty in the NTE zone of a city and attend an incident where a male has just waved his belt around in the air, was taken to the floor by officers from another serial and was arrested to prevent a BOP. A sober MOP (party A) stands at a reasonable distance filming the incident at which point another MOP (party B) who happens to be drunk comes out of a nearby pub, accosts him and says to him "DON'T FILM THAT ****". Party A reminds me that he isn't doing anything wrong by filming to which party B explains that "IT'S NOT FAIR TO FILM THAT". This debate soon escalates into an argument with both parties calling each other names and party A soon loses his patience stating in a raised voice that "I DO NOT GIVE A FLYING **** WHAT THIS ****ING **** SAYS!". You give party A a section 5 POA warning and he explains that "I haven't got a problem apart from autism." before shouting at the top of his voice "WHICH THIS ****ING **** HAS AN ISSUE WITH! **** YOU!". How do you handle this? 1) Arrest both parties for a public order offence. 2) Send both parties on their separate ways. 3) Send one of the parties away and give him suitable Words Of Advice. 4) Give suitable Words Of Advice to one party and arrest the other for a public order offence.
  14. You arrive at the home address of a distressed mother who called to report that she and her children were alarmed and distressed by the window sticker displayed by a Norwich City FC fan depicting a Norwich City FC footballer urinating on an Ipswich Town FC shirt in the car park of a bowling alley. She shows you a picture that she took of the sticker, another one of the registration plate and another one showing both the sticker and plate. On the sticker the footballer's penis is shown. Any offences?
  15. What do you like to be called by MOPs?