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  1. Sorry, not being a cop I don't know what Code 4 is or what the word "alacrity" means. Can you explain please?
  2. A rogue bank manager decides to raid the safe from his workplace - Bank X and borrow £1000 to gamble at the local casino. He plans to return the money and keep his profits. However he ends up loosing his entire bankroll and has no means of paying back any of the money. His deputy checks the safe and finds it to be empty. He then contacts corporate headquarters directly as he suspects that the manager has gone rogue and stolen all of the money. Corporate headquarters contact the Police. You attend the branch to investigate the suspected theft and ask the bank manager if he saw anything. He then admits everything that's happened. Any offences?
  3. Sorry that I wasn't clear. I've amended the scenario to reflect what happened.
  4. A court usher requests your assistance in ejecting a man from the court by force in order to deny him a fair hearing at a future date. He offers you a nice sum of money and explains that the case's evidence is extremely weak according to a Crown prosecutor. The charge is a very minor section 5 charge for yelling obscenities at a court bailiff who attended at his home address to collect a court fine. The usher explains that the defendant will be getting fined without being given a chance to enter a plea or stand trial despite having not entered a plea. He then says that the defendant will be getting given a chance to leave the court and if they won't leave he would like you to ejected the defendant by force. What do you do? 1) Refuse the money and report this to your Sgt. 2) Arrest the usher on suspicion of attempting to bribe a Police officer. 3) Take the money, turn up and eject the defendant if neccessary. 4) Refuse the money and keep quiet. 5) Something else.
  5. A man has too much to drink and decides to visit the local shop. Upon arrival he then resorts to smashing up a number of items and the owner detains him in the back office to prevent a breach of the peace and then calls the Police. You attend and speak to both parties and decide to deal with this on the spot via an Community Resolution in which it is agreed that if the man pays up and stays out of the store he will not be prosecuted. An hour later you see the same man at the local public dance in the town centre. Amongst the dancers include a number of women and children. No one has complained about his presence but you and a colleague are policing the dance due to its size. What do you do? 1) S35. 2) Escort him away. 3) Ignore him. 4) Something else.
  6. What does "reason to believe" mean? Is it the same as "reasonable belief" or is it simply a constable's own belief?
  7. Thank you for that, my mistake then. I believe that Steve has got Phil bang to rights unless Steve has reasonable suspicion that Steve does not have express permission from the landowner.
  8. It depends on who owns it. If it's private property and it's not prohibited then yes. If it's public property then no!
  9. I do think that both cases were an inappropriate use of section 50. If the PCSO thought that a crime had been committed, they have a different power to require name and address which should have been used, not section! If refused the PCSO may be able to detain and use force to prevent the detained person making off, depending on force area.
  10. You're off duty in your favourite fast food restaurant when you see a marked van outside, the local SNT Sgt and a number of PCSOs out on patrol. A few PCSOs decide to go inside the restaurant and order some coffee. As they are on duty Police staff, the staff serve them free of charge. Are there any offences committed by the staff and PCSOs? If so what do you do: 1) Give words of advice to the offending party. 2) Report the matter later. 3) Have a word with the Sgt. 4) Turn a blind eye. 5) Something else.
  11. You are mistaken. You cannot have an offensive weapon in a public place. Legislation stipulates that the item must be held in your own home.
  12. Thanks for that george, good to know! If you were a Police officer I'd expect that answer to not be serious!
  13. Are you a Police officer?
  14. Build a hotel out of Lego and place it on your land.
  15. Good question, an anti-Trump protester is reporting that a comment made by a pro-Trump protester is anti-social.