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  1. I presume that he didn't consent to a lift unless it was given by a constable acting on oath?
  2. If I were a Police officer I wouldn't do that, the reason being that this would risk alienating the FMOTL from myself and/or maybe getting asked some questions back. Instead I would ignore their claims and get on with the job in hand! If they are charged with an offence then they are more than welcome to argue their position in court.
  3. I'm seriously surprised that Police forces don't have procedures on dealing with freemen on the land. I know that courts do!
  4. I'd say that if the kid said "I didn't get consent" they are guilty of TWOC. Even if they subsequently say "but if I'd asked my parent would have let me" because it's only a hypothetical scenario!
  5. I wasn't talking about two pints, I was talking about more than that!
  6. On a serious note a really serious moral offence is a pub serving people alcohol after they're already drunk.
  7. I would say that if a Sky/BT Employee entered they would be committing a civil trespass. If committed the landowner could apply for an injunction and if they wanted to take individual action against the representative they could call the Police. They might be able to use section 50 PRA to obtain name and address and may be able to pass those him.
  8. s1 CDA 1998 is no longer in use, that has been replaced by section 2 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Policing and Crime Act 2014.
  9. To be honest I doubt the CPS will charge every single offence committed!
  10. Even then I'd imagine that a written consent wouldn't be valid! If the person taking the vehicle is aware of the owner's drunkenness then they should wait until he is sober before asking.
  11. As far as I'm concerned that's a TWOC. An incoherent mumble is not consent!
  12. Sorry, not being a cop I don't know what Code 4 is or what the word "alacrity" means. Can you explain please?
  13. A rogue bank manager decides to raid the safe from his workplace - Bank X and borrow £1000 to gamble at the local casino. He plans to return the money and keep his profits. However he ends up loosing his entire bankroll and has no means of paying back any of the money. His deputy checks the safe and finds it to be empty. He then contacts corporate headquarters directly as he suspects that the manager has gone rogue and stolen all of the money. Corporate headquarters contact the Police. You attend the branch to investigate the suspected theft and ask the bank manager if he saw anything. He then admits everything that's happened. Any offences?
  14. Sorry that I wasn't clear. I've amended the scenario to reflect what happened.
  15. A court usher requests your assistance in ejecting a man from the court by force in order to deny him a fair hearing at a future date. He offers you a nice sum of money and explains that the case's evidence is extremely weak according to a Crown prosecutor. The charge is a very minor section 5 charge for yelling obscenities at a court bailiff who attended at his home address to collect a court fine. The usher explains that the defendant will be getting fined without being given a chance to enter a plea or stand trial despite having not entered a plea. He then says that the defendant will be getting given a chance to leave the court and if they won't leave he would like you to ejected the defendant by force. What do you do? 1) Refuse the money and report this to your Sgt. 2) Arrest the usher on suspicion of attempting to bribe a Police officer. 3) Take the money, turn up and eject the defendant if neccessary. 4) Refuse the money and keep quiet. 5) Something else.