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  1. Heddlu

    Has anybody noted that in the highway code you are shown a picture of a police officer with Heddlu/Police on his back? I remember it being in there when I learned to drive and its still there. (p.104, 2007 edition) On another note we had a big cleanup in our nick last week and loads of old clothing went into about 10-15 binbags for return to HQ stores - none of them had simply "Heddlu" on them only "Heddlu/Police"
  2. Police confiscate walking stick from retired teacher, 78

    Bob Marshall Andrews, the Medway MP I'm guessing. Does appear to be rather heavy-handed in my opinion
  3. urinating in public

    Was watching Street Wars a couple of nights ago and they dealt with a gentleman who was urinating on a Church wall - Does Surrey still operate the yellow card scheme? As it seemed quite a good deterrent for him whilst not going down the PND or summons route.
  4. Attested!

    Well, its been a while since I've updated my Blog - have been mega busy since the last update. We've completed our foundation training and are currently doing our Divisional training at Cockett Police Station. Last night we were attested in Bridgend, received our warrant cards and other miscellaneous items (Body Armour, ASP, Cuffs & Radio). Was a very good night with a polished and professional ceremony that did everybody proud. We have another month of training now before we go operational... :D
  5. Girl, Seven, Dies In Quad Bike Accident

    My apologies to all for posting speculation.
  6. Girl, Seven, Dies In Quad Bike Accident

    Apologies for posting speculation.
  7. Girl, Seven, Dies In Quad Bike Accident

    Apologies for posting speculation.
  8. Asbo for Pc carrying baton in pub

    This incident happened in 2005 and was in court in 2006, I can remember reading about it in the local paper. I understand all the points that have been made here - but the major issue with this case is that the off-duty PC in question had been threatened by the two brothers at the pub, then went home and retrieved the baton, and went back to the pub. The brothers then waited for him outside the pub - surely he should have used sense and not returned to the pub. After all to avoid unneccessary conflict is the name of the game isn't it?
  9. Crikey - I thought for a minute it was going to be one of those CSI, LAPD or NYPD Blue cards... but a fake Metropolitan Police warrant card with already one stupid question about "we want to buy this to pull a prank on someone". That one's certainly gone beyond what should be sold to the public, in my opinion anyway.
  10. Uniform Fitting

    I forgot to update the blog last week - mainly as I was rather tired after my first weekend's training. Last Saturday we were greeted by the Chief Commandant of SWP's Specials who gave us a talk on what was expected of us. We then had a day of discussion and training on various matters including the role of a special constable. Day two had human rights and Health & Safety. Looking forwards now to next weekend when we start our First Aid training. Today I had my uniform fitting where I tried on various items of clothing such as Dress Tunic, Police Anorak, Fleece, Gloves, Flat Cap, Custodian, Shirts, Dress & Duty Trousers and Body Armour. Just have to wait now for next weekend where we get to take it all home. Really seems to be coming quite fast now.
  11. Induction

    Just got back from Bridgend having had my induction evening as a SC. Filled in some more forms, had fingerprints and DNA taken for elimination purposes and also had Hepatitis B jab along with a talk by the force nurse. Was given a snazzy leather folder for course notes and a bundle of coursebooks ranging from First Aid to the Force Dress code. All getting rather real now - roll on the first weekend training on Saturday!
  12. Officer hit by car during arrest

    Best wishes to her and her family - hope she makes a full recovery
  13. Letter offering appointment!

    Doesn't seem all that long ago now I actually rang the recruitment office to request an application form. Just having signed my form confirming the offer of appointment - I'm taking really looking forwards now to meeting all my new colleagues and beginning training. Some things to do first though - need to ring Tailoring to set up an appointment for my uniform measuring. And organise a appointment for a photo for my warrant card. However - I'm just taking it all in my stride now and am determined to enjoy everything.
  14. Another step closer...

    Well, passed my medical yesterday. Went nice and early to HQ, parked over the road in Tescos and used the loo in there. Unfortunately on the letter from recruitment it didn't state anywhere that I'd have to give a urine sample... Walked in and the receptionist told me that.. I immediately took up his offer to use the water cooler... 2 glasses later I managed to give a sample. Went well - no problems and the nurse & doctor were very nice. First time really I've had a medical for a job and passed with flying colours... roll on Thursday 18th now for the fitness test, I wish they'd been able to do it all in one go but there we are...
  15. Doctor's surgeries.....

    Went over the doctor's surgery this morning in an attempt to get my Medical forms signed. I'm down for the medical on the 10th October so needed to get it done asap. Went in and spoke to the receptionist who promptly took it off me and said they would get a doctor to sign it asap. They wouldn't let my family GP do it as we'd moved house 10 years ago and as such the area doctor (who I've never met) would have to do it. So a doctor who's never even spoken to or even met me is going to sign me off.... 4 tick boxes and a signature - £15. Not a bad minutes work I suppose, however I guess I'm getting off likely if some of the stories I heard during my interview are true. With some people being charged £25 -£50 for the doctor to sign and then sign again as the first lot was for Regs - then PCSOs and now Specials... £150 and due to the fact that it was different forces they couldn't use the same info... daft eh? I had to ask the receptionist about when I'd had innoculations for TB, Tetanus etc.. She didn't ask me for ID just took me at my word and printed out a list of when I'd had the jabs.. I hope any other information isn't as easy to come by. I was a bit surprised to see that almost all the jabs had run out apart from Tetanus which I'd had 6 years ago. Can't understand why they couldn't tell you that you need a booster - or would that just be too easy. Anyway - the form should be ready to collect on Wednesday - but I wouldn't be able to post it back to HQ due to the Royal Mail strike on Thurs-Monday. (Great timing) So I rang HQ recruitment and spoke to one of the staff who said I could bring it to the Medical - Great!!! That's a load off my mind!