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  1. Volunteer policing outside of UK

    Not an exhaustive list Canada: RCMP Auxillary (Federal) - Yellow cap band Ontario Provincial Police Auxillary (Provincial) - Light blue cap band Toronto Metropolitan Police Auxillary (Municipal) - Red and black chequered cap band York Police Auxillary (Municipal) - Red and black chequered cap band Some other provinces have Auxillary Constables, not all, for example, the Alberta Sheriffs don't but anyone living there could join the RCMP as an Auxillary Constable. Some German states do have Reserve officers, in fact, this forum used to have a member called Christian who was a member of Baden-Württemberg Police (from memory) France: Special Operational Reserve Gendarmerie National 9000 members Police National 3000 members Ireland: Garda Síochána Reserve United States: Various from Reservists in the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Some State Police/Highway Patrol, Municipal Police Departments There is no common standard in the USA and what constitutes a volunteer officer varies a lot. In one state volunteers are called the Sheriffs Posse and fund all their equipment and uniforms.
  2. Flamethrower

    it's not petrol, it is similar to napalm
  3. Flamethrower

    The propellant isn't oxygen
  4. Flamethrower

    Ok did some digging and under section 5, part 1 (b) of the Firearms Act 1968 flamethrowers are a "prohibited weapon" and possession of a flamethrower carries a sentence of up to ten years' imprisonment. What is concerning is this old relic still contained propellant (which started to leak when they were working on it, and still had fuel in it, a nasty mixture of petrol and gunk that makes it stick to its target. It had obviously been imported from somewhere in Europe, it should have been seized by customs. One of the regulars in the show is a qualified armourer who obviously holds a FAC however, the above act means even a FAC wouldn't cover possession. Also during the show, someone turned up who supplies weapons to the film industry with a working replica. Obviously, the replica doesn't fire the nasty mixture and uses gas propellant. Even so, this shoots a flame over forty feet and would kill anyone who was misfortunate to be in the way. Imagine the chaos if one gets into the wrong hands.
  5. Flamethrower

    Has anyone been watching Combat Dealers on the Quest TV channel? The programme is about Bruce Crompton who had a company which was doing emergency repairs on the London Underground on contract. He has now near enough retired from that and is now concentrating on his hobby of restoring old military gear. He employs about 4 people doing this. As well as the normal vehicles and rifles/pistols for restoration, in recent weeks he has restored to full working order a Panzerfäuste, Panzerschreck (Raketenpanzerbüchse), a PIAT and in the most recent episode he has restored a German Flammenwerfer that was sitting rusting in one of his sheds (still with fuel in!). The last one concerned me as I was always led to believe these were illegal to own in most countries including the UK. In fact in the United States, the only place they are legal to own is Arizona. Does anybody know what the law says? I know that the film industry can use replica devices but they fire gas. What concerns me is that people are restoring originals that were designed to use a mixture of petrol and tar (almost a napalm mixture) and selling them on. Any ideas?
  6. Filming Blue Lights for a Video

    Roads are often closed for filming as well
  7. Being put in a difficult situation

    Old rule from the 80's (yes I'm that old!) don't get involved, use the phone and ring it in!
  8. Specials: How are you "housed" in your station?

    I'm trying to visualise a police station above a KFC!
  9. SAR

    There are some good photos on
  10. Parking for sale cars on street

    Years ago they needed a second hand car dealers licence but nobody seems to know anything about them now, except up in Scotland! Where it is still a requirement
  11. There is case law that states even taking a child away from it's parent without permission is kidnap. I can see this turning out to be a bad news day for Primark
  12. SAR

    Mountain Rescue is covered under Police Purposes in England & Wales. In E&W land based SAR is responsibility of the Police. Mountain Rescue Teams work on their behalf. Have an accident on Helvellyn or Tryfan then what should happen is the 999 call should go to the Police who divert it to the MRT. Even medical emergencies! If you call 999 and ask for an ambulance then expect a lot of confusion. The Ambulance Service is not equipped to deal with this type of emergency and at the very least will tie up Ambulances for no reason at all. Rescues in wild areas can take many hours.
  13. Where did you get that cool cartoon picture?

  14. Hi Panda, sorry to see you have been banned!

  15. British Islamic Extremists

    No big surprise