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  1. Advanced Driving

    I know haha, but its all still really informative and useful information thanks for taking the time to respond.
  2. Advanced Driving

    Its how conversation flows........
  3. Advanced Driving

    You have literally just described my specials interview, i was told at recruitment this part is the same......
  4. Advanced Driving

    Mine was about 20min, I came out way early than anyone else and thought it was a bad sign. No role plays for me either.
  5. Advanced Driving

    I opted to join the specials for the same reason, a try before you buy is a great way to describe it. I applied and was successful in March, was scheduled for intake starting in September but this clashed with me getting married and so its been moved to the final intake of the year (Nov 1 - 25 March 18), once I have completed training I will put everything I have into building hours and experience in order to better help me decide if the police family is the right family for me. I only had one day tests for the specials it involved, maths and English tests, SJT (situational judgement tests) and an interview with 4 multiple choice competency questions, my results all came back A. I did get probed in my competency interview but i cant speak if its as probing as the regulars. I guess my day 2 was the fitness test (bleep) and the medical (eye, hearing and oxygen intake), I was given a urine test but everything was fine. I'm not sure if i was randomly selected for the urine test, from the way she conducted herself it seems everyone is given it.
  6. Advanced Driving

    I have been told once you pass the initial assessment center and get to the final board interview, this is where being a special will really shine through, the experience of being a special is invaluable. You also don't need a level 3 qualification to be regular if you are a special (otherwise you do), this doesn't really apply because i have one anyway.....
  7. Advanced Driving

    Its a bit disappointing to hear you have to go through the application process twice, but that's there decision and I will just have to do my best when the time comes round. I plan on doing my specials in Suffolk and once IPS has been achieved, transferring or applying for the regulars in Essex, personal reasons....
  8. Advanced Driving

    Is your plan to go to the regulars once you have finished your PDP? Can you shed a little light on the PDP and the training process your force goes through to achieve IPS? And once completed are you able to be ring fenced for the regulars, by which i mean do you have to go through the application process that non specials have to, I would hate to see hundreds of hours of specials work wasted because of what could be nerves at the regulars interview, I was nervous enough for the specials hahah......
  9. Advanced Driving

    I've heard Suffolk will allow patrol in a car pretty early on due to the size of the area i'm going for (Ipswich), if your London based foot patrol maybe the best option....?
  10. Advanced Driving

    Interesting to know, D1 is minibus? I might look at that but, obtaining one is pretty hard to get, then again if its for my career its more than worth it thanks for the repair @Beaker
  11. Advanced Driving

    Really valuable information here thanks @kcl16
  12. Advanced Driving

    My Apologies for the confusion, in training for specials, then on to the regulars. 1) Its interesting you mention that people wait years for response driving, seeing as Suffolk police are so concerned all future regulars are able to satisfy the requirement to response drive, which is to hold a manual licence. Im guessing I won't be response driving as a special just patrol. 2) I think I may of been misleading on this, I would never carry anything I wasn't supplied / allowed to. I was just enquiring as to whether having the knowledge gives me an advantage, puts me higher on the queue. But as you have said, medical training is required anyway the question has been answered so thank you . 3) thats good to know, do you know if response driving courses are only supplied by emergency services, or could I go out and purchase a course much like ROSPA or other advance driving courses? For now anyway I'm obtaining my motorbike licence. 4) so once you have obtained IPS you still not patrol with a car? Thanks for taking the time to response.
  13. Advanced Driving

    Hi Everyone, I am a police officer coming through the specials process at the moment (I have been accepted and start training in November) 1) I currently only hold a Full Manual Licence. Am I going to be more attractive to the police regulars if i undertake special driving courses or broaden the vehicles i'm able to drive for example maybe getting my Motorbike licence or undertaking a ROSPA advance driving course? 2) As someone with medical knowledge I could carry extra items and responded to medical emergencies as well. Would this knowledge put me 'ahead in the queue when it comes to driving with the police as you are more useful, if you get what i'm saying? 3) If i undertake driving courses and they cross with what you have to completed in the police later down the line for example a traffic cop, would you have to re-do them, i don't want to waste money....... 4) How long until you start driving solo patrol in the specials, is it part of training/ force specific? Thank you for your answers everyone!
  14. Competency questions suck struggling so much to have the confidence to send this off

  15. Competency questions

    Hey guys I'm applying to the specials and have spent the best part of 2 weeks on my competency questions and I'm still really unsure, would I be able to post my answers and just get some general feedback? Thanks