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  1. I do wonder how Essex caught wind of their behaviour on the night in question. From reading the initial article, it would appear there were no offences and neither were locked up as they shook hands and went on their way.
  2. What a very, very peculiar man. The mind really does boggle sometimes.
  3. dangerous driving

    - What is the result of the PNC check? Is the vehicle in order? - If the vehicle is insured, how many parties are listed on the insurance and are their DOBs listed?
  4. How has the Police changed you?

    It's made me more tired
  5. Opinions on this S.59 warning

    As your cousin is a PCSO he should know better than to drive like a burke
  6. Are you joining the office of Constable in the capacity of Special Constable or Police Constable?
  7. Police officer pay

  8. Should Specials carry tasers?

    In the force I work in Special Constables aren't even permitted to raise crime reports or complete paperwork so permitting / training them to carry a taser seems unlikely
  9. What has given you the reasonable grounds for wanting to search the subject and / or vehicle?
  10. If I've read the article correctly a Sgt for the Suffolk Police Federation spoke on her behalf. That would suggest, as she's being supported by the federation, then she probably was a Constable?
  11. Where do you keep your warrant card?

    It's worth baring in mind that it is only a piece of plastic and doesn't make you invincible. Also, there is a lot of people who don't like the policia and aren't deterred by a card in leather wallet. We've all heard the horror stories of people whipping it out (the warrant card) and acting all Charlie big banana with not so good consequences.
  12. Which force, Delta556?