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  1. Why would you even want to? If you're that concerned about youths drinking, call 101.
  2. Cakes .. lots of cakes.
  3. Help with this one

    No it won't really be the case, ever, unless the person filming is doing something else which is causing distress. So if it's just based on somebody filming, this is not a public order matter.
  4. Help with this one

    Not to worry! Always remember, filming in public is not a crime!
  5. radio sign on

    Better off posting this to your specific force, different forces have different radios/procedures.
  6. Help with this one

    Taking out your phone to film somebody does not cause harassment, alarm or distress. I don't really understand the issue with the parking ticket, but either way that is irrelevant. However, the 'parking attendant' called the police because somebody was filming him, not because he felt distressed.
  7. SC Ranks and Insignia

    This is rather interesting. Met Police have gotten rid of S/CI and DCO so you can bin both of those ranks!
  8. New specials for some reason cannot comprehend this enough, your badge isn't there to flash around for every minor incident. I understand you might be keen once you've just joined and tempted to show everyone that you're a police officer but you are in no position to deal with incidents off duty unless it is life or death.
  9. Specials: How are you "housed" in your station?

    Met CW - CX have a room dedicated for MSC which is quite surprising considering the MSC are struggling everywhere else to get a single draw let alone an entire room. Has four computers, two charging docks with batteries obviously and little bits and bobs i.e a safe, locker (acts as a secondary safe), draws ..etc Lockers are shared with regulars/pcso's - no issues here except as specials do not do this full time, resources believe that we do not deserve full lockers therefore issue us with half lockers (you can just about stuff all your kit in there, but no room to hang shirts or anything else). However, I've emailed resources to ask for a full size locker which they issued right away so I guess if you don't ask you don't get.
  10. Trooping the Colour in London

    I noticed a police officer along the route take his helmet off for a full minute or so before replacing it. I thought that was frowned upon at those type of events? The soldiers aren't allowed to remove their headwear, are they? - In theory, he really shouldn't just because it doesn't look good. But realistically you can't get told off for it if you're just adjusting it or something. Is a ceremonial event like this the only time when officers wear white gloves? Why white? They look a bit thin and flimsy. - Tunics/No.1 dress include the white gloves. Whenever you need to wear your tunics, you should wear your white gloves as it is part of the uniform but if it is a personal event or nothing too big of an event it's not a must. Who decides whether police officers can wear medals on their uniform at such an event? Is it a personal choice? - Not sure how it is in the police but military, it is part the dress code. Most of the time medals are worn, sometimes the dress code says miniature medals. Usually with tunics you would wear either medals or ribbons (depending on event again). Some officers seem chatty with the people in the crowds. Are they permitted to accept a sweet or any other food/drink? - Community engagement, you're stood in front of the same people for about 6 hours. You need to interact with them. You can accept things, but would you take something from a stranger? Also doesn't look good as you're on duty. So it is prohibited in some way. What happens if a police officer standing along the route seriously needs a drink or needs the toilet or feels like fainting? How do they call for assistance? - You get to go on on a break during the event, depending on the serial. There is usually an hour where a serial doesn't have much happening so officers in pairs or small groups can go at a time for coffee/tea/biscuits and a toilet break (all catered at the event, usually a mobile police van that serves stuff). This isn't the military, if they feel like fainting they can notify their supervisor and walk away. Radios are kept in pockets so if units or serials are needed they'll be listening. These are all from a specials point of view, so less strict and more relaxed. May be different for regs.
  11. It is literally a vintage, have you actually seen it on eBay? There is nothing wrong with it at all.
  12. NCA specials and MI5

    Yeah I read that earlier, but the thing is that the NCA still falls under a different category. MI5/GCHQ and other intelligence agencies are all part of the Joint Intelligence Committee. I don't know much about the legislations, hopefully someone with more knowledge about this could shed a little light?
  13. NCA specials and MI5

    I'm not certain NCA specials will have powers of arrest, I've read they'll have powers of entry, to seize .. etc but only when required and in order to assist operational teams. Even so, I believe NCA fall under a different category (MI5 are part of the JIC, NCA are not).
  14. Do I have what it takes?

    No one here can judge you based on a paragraph of you explaining yourself, there is only one way to find out. Fill in an application and go in for an interview. The interviewers are much more capable of assessing you based on your personality and life experiences.