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  1. There's no need to be so sullen. You understand that there's a difference between the offence being made out, and you getting the CPS to charge for it right? To quote directly from the guidelines themselves, "The guidance set out in this charging standard should not be used in the determination of any investigatory decision, such as the decision to arrest".
  2. Agreed. But as we all know, the CPS guidance on charging is different to the points to prove for the offence to be made out. And it is only guidance. I've had people in before for affray for scrapping in the street. Wasn't an issue.
  3. The phrase "serious threat" isn't in the wording of a s3 offence.
  4. He got a ticket 5 years ago and he's still banging-on about it. He'll never get that hour back.
  5. Nothing. Ignorance and stupidty are not offences (else the HOCR would need revising pretty quickly).
  6. Good grief.
  7. Nothing. Why would it be anything to do with the police?
  8. Force specific surely?
  9. Make sure he got his CAD rerference number and leave him to it.
  10. I'd suggest by his actions that he's made no attempt to pay or reach any sort of compromise and that his actions may therefore be dishonest. He may have committed plain theft at this point, obtaining services dishonesty; or later, once he leaves, making off without payment. He can come in for a VA or be nicked, if the loser is going to support an action.
  11. Mate, it wouldn't be the first time, and it won't be the last!!!!
  12. A Google search suggests SI 2002 1808.
  13. Yes, aware of 98 (b) too. Again, applicable where it applies and not where it doesn't. If it still applies, it looks like there's been legislation in force since about 2002 that allows LAs to issue penalty notices for idling offences.
  14. A roofing torch burns fuel at it's threshold with the 'outside' air as a mixture of the two gases. A propelling flamethrower, in the miltary style, forces a mixture of liquid fuel and propellant under pressure and it burns and continues to burn away from the equipment. By your reckoning, my combi boiler is a flamethrower.
  15. A roofing torch is different to a gas/liquid propelling flame thrower.