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  1. Are you suggesting that the CPS ignored their own guidelines and the mags ignored the law? Just because you and your mates don't find something grossly offensive, doesn't mean that the courts / man on the Clapham omnibus doesn't either. Continuing to argue this point and that he'd received crap legal advice as a way of satisfying yourself that it was the only way a bent lethal system could possibly have convicted him is painting yourself into a corner. And with all due respect you're starting to make yourself look silly and lacking in any credibility the more you post on the subject.
  2. @Sailor FYI
  3. Sorry, just confirm for me, you're saying that the Met's Commissioner in wanting to have more S&S done, is in itself, unlawful?
  4. Yeah, crack on.
  5. No. The report said that the paperwork of 27% of searches did not contain what IT considered to be reasonable grounds and so COULD have been unlawful. When the college looked at things, it was basically down to poorly articulated grounds. Not that those grounds didn't exist at the time. For example an officer may have written "smelt cannabis "; whereas a better explanation of the grounds might be "smelt strongly of cannabis on an empty street. Smell got stronger as I got closer to the subject who was the only person I could see at the time and I'd just seen her flick away a glowing cigarette".
  6. At first glance there would seen to be no intention to permanently deprive either. Not bothering to make the effort to give someone else's property back (where there is no onus to do so) isn't the same as making a conscious decision to keep hold of it.
  7. It is. I'd suggest it is unusual. Not unheard of. But unusual.
  8. I wasn't aware that was the benchmark.
  9. And it only took a year and a half to get there.
  10. As I recall, the consent of the DPP is required for private prosecutions in E&W.
  11. Hold on, when has her mum come into it? Can we just have a scenario in full without little extra bits being dropped in as-and-when? It's turning into an Agatha Christie novel.
  12. Right, so now it IS her 17th birthday. Okay.
  13. So you're saying that dad has somehow managed to purchase (pay for) car insurance for a 16 year old without a licence?
  14. So we could get to a position where the Met Fed offered its services to other forces and you'd have a choice of you joined the national, your own, or another forces? Essentially shopping around for the best deal for your dollar.