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  1. BBC.Thousands of UK motorists can drive with over 12 points

    I'm sure they pump this 'story' out annually.
  2. What a non story. That's not CoLP specific by a long chalk!
  3. vehicle asb driver not identified

    Only the quote about driving like an idiot might be hearsay. The RK had first hand knowledge of his mechanic being the driver. The police officer had direct knowledge of the bad driving as he'd witnessed it.
  4. What would YOU do?

    Which the RTA states they are required to do under certain circs.
  5. What would YOU do?

    Am I in uniform?
  6. Section 59

    That's not what the legislation says.
  7. Section 59

    The powers that require a constable to be in uniform relate to stopping vehicles, seizing, entering premises or using force. Not any power to issue a s59 warning. The outcome is that hopefully the driver conducts themselves in a better manner. Or they continue to drive poorly and, a warning having been issued, are at risk of having their vehicle taken off of them by a constable (in uniform).
  8. There are exemptions under s2 of the act.
  9. Are you suggesting that the CPS ignored their own guidelines and the mags ignored the law? Just because you and your mates don't find something grossly offensive, doesn't mean that the courts / man on the Clapham omnibus doesn't either. Continuing to argue this point and that he'd received crap legal advice as a way of satisfying yourself that it was the only way a bent lethal system could possibly have convicted him is painting yourself into a corner. And with all due respect you're starting to make yourself look silly and lacking in any credibility the more you post on the subject.
  10. Dutysheet app

    @Sailor FYI