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  1. Search AC Transfer

    Yeah Honesty and Integrity I'd say are being breached here and could put a permanent black mark against your name when applying. I'd also question whether these people have also having you on. The one Live application at any one time and 6 months between each application is a rule from the College of Policing which all forces are a member of and all applications go through so a force wouldn't even need to know that you had a Live application with another force as the College of Policing would already know. Personally I'd also say this says something about your character as well and if you're prepared to mislead on an application then maybe a police career isn't for you.
  2. What I Did On Duty

    Devastating mate, hope all is well and you're home resting up.
  3. Rural Special Constables

    I'm confused, based on your previous posts on other threads I thought you were in the recruitment stage. How can you have been trained as a Rural Special if you are going through recruitment? Are you currently a Special or are you waiting for training to start in January?

    Agreed the nicest person in the village could still become a violent drunk towards you, it doesn't matter whether you know them or not they see a uniform and turn on you. I Police in the area I live although I Police the other half of the division and not the side of the division I actually live on, albeit I did grow up in the area I am Policing and I have locked someone I went to school with up. Unfortunately it's not always that easy to deal with it and then ignore it, if it is a tight net community that you live in and Police in you might fine it even hard to just "ignore". From personal experience I'd recommend maybe look at changing to the next village along or something.
  5. Special Constable and full time work

    Not sure they would even dare fire me because of it. Doesn't bother me to much as I never speak to the people that ask me in the first place, its when they mess up all of a sudden they become my best mate; mostly people that I have never spoke to before. Everyone that I actually work with on my team or that I work with closely on other teams know to not ask.
  6. Special Constable and full time work

    My team leader is quite supportive but the company themselves aren't. It took me a long time to convince them about doing ESP and even then they weren't very keen on it, although as soon as someone has an issue all of a sudden they become supportive thinking that I can actually do anything. THEM: "I got this ticket for being on my phone whilst driving can you make it go away?" ME: "Are you actually seriously asking me this?" THEM: "Yeah, your in the Police couldn't you speak to someone?" ME: "No there is nothing I can do, even if I wanted too. Maybe next time you shouldn't be using your phone whilst driving" THEM: "You cops are all the same" - Storms off. Apparently it's my fault they get tickets.
  7. Mags court

    Don't stand there with your hands in your pockets like I did on my first time at Mags, realized after about 10 seconds that they were in my pockets but I'd been there all day and started to feel to relaxed. Personally I think this looked really bad and unprofessional, wouldn't do it again.
  8. Hard shoulder incident

    Sounds harsh but I totally agree, I hope they follow through with it as well. If a lane was closed and there was standing traffic it will have been for a reason and that reason by the sounds of it was there had been an accident. 3 points and a £100 fine is nowhere near enough of a punishment, I'd say leave her to sweat let her think about what she has actually done.
  9. ESIBS vs Dutysheet

    In all honesty I find Dutysheet pretty basic too but it does what it needs to do so it's fine being basic.
  10. ESIBS vs Dutysheet

    From my perspective as a none supervisor and just a normal user, I find it a very easy to use and as Animal Mother has said there are just a few niggles in it but they are manageable. The one think that I hated when I was non-IPS was not being able to search for IPS Officers only or search for Officers with a specific skill set (i.e. IPS with Basic Driving Authority) instead I would have to search through all the officers in there area to see who had them. This was a personal previous and I think for non-IPS would be useful, I believe that this functionality is available to supervisors though not that it helps a non-IPS. But it does what I need it to do really
  11. Section 50 Police Reform Act

    My personal opinion on this matter is that as long as they aren't obstructing me and getting in the way they should be able to film away. If I am doing my job right I shouldn't be concerned with being filmed, yes it might annoy me but at the end of the day I have more pressing matters to deal with. I have been in the situation before where I have been filmed and they were getting in the way, I kindly advised them that whilst I have no issue being filmed and they could continue would they mind moving back. Surprising I got told I was boring and they stopped filming and left.
  12. Event/Operation's offered to you

    Yes, in GMP there are always Operations going on that we can get involved with. On a Friday and Saturday night there is an operation that runs in the city centre for patrolling bars and stuff like that. And depending on the division there are always ops and events going on. Some Officers need to be independent to do and some they don't it all depends on what the Op/Event is.
  13. Declare your a Special on your car insurance!

    When it comes to insurance if you are driving to more then one place of work (i.e. day job and Police Station) you will be required to declare this and required to take business use class 1 insurance out. SDPC only covers you when driving to a Single place of work. I have the unfortunate pleasure of writing an engine that generates these terms and conditions so read these on a daily basis, as for getting discount for declaring your a Special Constable this is down to the insurance company some actually send your premium up because they say that you are going to be more tired and stressed though others say that you undergo more training when it comes to driving so should be a better and safe driver.
  14. Police medic?

    Yes the are a real thing, not sure what the requirements are to be one but I've only seen firearms or taser trained officers who have this in my force.