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  1. first aid training

    Our force (lancs) are trained to EFAW standard, and that's it...
  2. Dutysheet app

    Doubt I'll bother if no messages, as I send and receive quite a few!
  3. Didn't realise you were old enough to qualify for carriers! Agree with blue runs. We don't need it really. Many a time I've been first on scene at grade 1's, even in an unmarked corsa. We have good people in comms though who know where we are better than we do...! I can't wait for compliant stops to come in though. That should be part of the A-B training.
  4. My cash is for dirty refs!
  5. Warrant card (obvs!), prox card, a tenner, McDonald's coffee cards, debit card if I don't have cash to put in.
  6. Force launches drone unit

    I'm not sure if it's only west, just that's it's available to us in west. Other divisions may have access to other fire service drones, but I really don't know
  7. Force launches drone unit

    We have the use of the fire service drone if it's available, at least in West
  8. I would suggest speaking to the licensing team if you know where it was sold. Maybe call 101 if there are ASB issues, but if quiet, cops really don't need to be taken to go and have a word. Last thing to do is try and sieze it on your own. A bunch of drunken youths full of bravado, and one person, plain clothes, no PPE or backup saying "give me your booze, I'm an off duty cop" is a good way to get a kicking.
  9. Shotgun certificates

    I have an SGC too, applied before I was a cop, and it took a month. I renewed it last December, and that took less than 2 weeks. no issues at all
  10. Police mutual

    I've actually just used them for car insurance! I spent a couple of days shopping around too, it wasn't just on a whim. Cheapest by far for me, and nice to deal with too
  11. Bladed items

  12. Breaking and entering?

    He's still damaged the landlords property though...
  13. Breaking and entering?

    He was a tenant, so even though it was 'his' house, the landlord owns the property. The tenant damaged the landlords property - crim damage
  14. Breaking and entering?

    Also say not burglary, crim damage for me
  15. What was your first injury

    I don't think many of us can compare bullet scars!