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  1. I'm not sure if it's only west, just that's it's available to us in west. Other divisions may have access to other fire service drones, but I really don't know
  2. We have the use of the fire service drone if it's available, at least in West
  3. I would suggest speaking to the licensing team if you know where it was sold. Maybe call 101 if there are ASB issues, but if quiet, cops really don't need to be taken to go and have a word. Last thing to do is try and sieze it on your own. A bunch of drunken youths full of bravado, and one person, plain clothes, no PPE or backup saying "give me your booze, I'm an off duty cop" is a good way to get a kicking.
  4. I have an SGC too, applied before I was a cop, and it took a month. I renewed it last December, and that took less than 2 weeks. no issues at all
  5. I've actually just used them for car insurance! I spent a couple of days shopping around too, it wasn't just on a whim. Cheapest by far for me, and nice to deal with too
  6. Nm
  7. He's still damaged the landlords property though...
  8. He was a tenant, so even though it was 'his' house, the landlord owns the property. The tenant damaged the landlords property - crim damage
  9. Also say not burglary, crim damage for me
  10. I don't think many of us can compare bullet scars!
  11. I got my phone on the proviso that it had external memory. Far easier to swap it about than bugger about with logging into the cloud and paying for monthly storage too...
  12. Wore mine trimmed, clean shaven neck/cheeks etc, so full beard but no stubble at all
  13. S above, to eliminate you from investigations. Ours was done before we joined, while vetting was going ahead
  14. It's not like you're using it for police duties several hours a day though. A couple of pics and emails won't use enough battery to warrant charging it lots! I get how satnav would though I suppose, but I've never had a phone whose battery has been ruined after 2 years of ownership, which is the average contract now, so I then get a new phone anyway. I get not everyone does this though Or hand over the memory card if required... I gave up in iPhones as you're rather restricted with them
  15. It's far easier though to snap some pics and send them to your force email than buggering about trying to get a camera and then find batteries or charger for said camera. Makes my job easier as a cop so I'm happy to do it. Data isn't an issue as you neve use all mine anyway, and emailing a couple of pics very few months is no bother...