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  1. Yeah a small troop part of the RNP would make sense.
  2. Also interesting to see Royal Marines Police out and about,never really seen them before, including a WO2! Do they have many MPs, or are they more like temporary as-and-when provost staff?
  3. Though not with PCSOs!
  4. Yes those peoples' train of thought is very interesting. It's far worse in America though, particularly with any military involvement anywhere in the country! Yeah probably right.
  5. Attention! Army police on parade with city centre cops Saturday 28 March 2015http://www.west-midlands.police.uk/latest-news/news.aspx?id=2746 "The Boys in Blue have teamed up with the Red Caps to keep clubbers safe in Birmingham city centre! Soldiers from the Royal Military Police - aka the Red Caps - can now be seen patrolling shoulder-to-shoulder with West Midlands Police in the nightlife hotspots of Broad Street and Hurst Street. Such joint patrols are common in Garrison Towns across the UK, like Aldershot and Bulford, but with service personnel regularly heading to Birmingham for nights out the Royal Military Police investigators were keen to gain experience of policing a thriving city centre. Police Sergeant Dave Francis said they’ve been welcomed to Birmingham by bar managers, door staff and partygoers. He said: “The Royal Military Police is keen for their staff to spend time with UK police forces to boost their experience…they have a high level of training but often don’t get the opportunity to put it into practice. “The Red Caps are a reassuring presence and provide a clear visual deterrent for any services personnel who may be tempted to drink to excess and get into trouble; they encourage greater responsibility and better behaviour." The Royal Military Police have powers of arrest over ‘squaddies’ but not other members of the public. However, they can carry out citizen’s arrests on crime suspects - as illustrated by Red Cap Corporal Aaron Collins who chased down and apprehended a man who assaulted women last July in Broad Street. He was on patrol near Granville Street at 2.30am when he saw the 24-year-old yank one women’s hair and shove another in the face. The lout was given a police caution for assault, while Cpl Collins received a West Midlands Police Commendation and a Best of Broad Street Award for his actions. Major Deborah Scott, Officer Commanding the local Royal Military Police unit, said: “Throughout the country, the Royal Military Police regularly conduct joint patrols with our civilian counterparts; this enables good working relationships to be built between the military and civilian policing agencies. It also allows us to develop and maintain our policing capability should we be required to deploy on operations overseas." And Broad Street Manager Mike Olley, added: “The Royal Military Police add a layer of highly trained and disciplined professionals to Westside…they are greatly welcomed by our bar managers and door staff. “They add to the diversity of the area and people love to see our troops. Just like the song ‘All nice girls love a sailor’ well in this case all nice girls love a Red Cap!"" * Not really news in general, but I suppose for Birmingham. Nice to see the Forces working well with the civil police, especially in these times of cuts to both. Anyone know why the Sgt has no radio, but presumably the Corporal behind does?! And I suppose it is always good to have more policemen, even if they have limited powers over civvies.
  6. Luton news.Appeal for calm as EDL march looms

    Let's hope all goes well, and good luck to anyone working the march.
  7. Actor fake cop

    Yes, good point actually! But in UK police drama series, how do the actors legally posses the batons when filming around some Yorkshire town for example?
  8. Actor fake cop

    Surely the issue of him possessing a baton, is a bit more serious, than lights and sirens?
  9. Bad Lads Army series

    Must bring back some shivery memories!
  10. Bad Lads Army series

    "It's a two-in-one meal IT'S A CRAZE I'M STARTING - EAT SHAGGING UP!" Brilliant!
  11. Bad Lads Army series

    True, however I think it became more than that, there was quite a lot of effort put in by the training staff and there were definitely some changes in people's character. Also period uniforms, rank insignia, etc was pretty much spot on, although I am sure there are people that know much more than me on that. Yes well, every one will have their own opinions of men/women they have served under and they won't all be positive. But remember the difference between the modern Army and the Army from the past. That's interesting, I wonder why he went RAF Regiment instead of Army Reserve?
  12. Bad Lads Army series

    Yeah Cpl Nauyokas does seem like a great NCO (although was he later WO2/WO1?
  13. Bad Lads Army series

    Can't seem to edit my first post but for those interested the Regiments are: Series 1 - Essex Regiment (amalgamated as of 1958) Series 2 - Not sure, probably a local rifle regiment. Series 3 - Chichester Regiment Series 4 - (sort of) Parachute Reiment/1st Airborne Div. Also a 'tribute' to Provost Sergeant Tim Weston (S3&4) is up on Youtube for you all to enjoy! But you may want to watch the series first.
  14. Bad Lads Army series

    I can honestly say that we would see a lot of turnarounds, not perhaps with some of the real hard nuts, but with some of these young kids, just starting on their long criminal career, a short, sharp shock in their early stages would definitely of benefit them and us. Again, other great examples, of course there is people saying that we don't want the British Army associated with these thugs but then again, if it turns them around, why not?
  15. Bad Lads Army series

    Well it was illegal then! I can safely say that you are not alone there! (Especially on ARSSE). Especially when he has being convicted of burglary 17 times or whatever else he has done!