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  1. I think the bar system was working, as those officers only Supervise for "welfare isssues"
  2. back to hendon on the 2nd :) need to pass my kee3

  3. Ohh dear !!! How old is the teacher ?
  4. my last Kee3 on the 10th !!! Course as gone so quick

  5. passed my resit and passed my KEE2

  6. Attending Training, hope i pass my Resit KEE1 tomorrow, :)

  7. They is the The Association of Special Constabulary Chief Officers (ASCCO) ?
  8. Ok will get my done after reading this
  9. Vetting Cleared just waiting on my Confimation of Appointment email :) OVER THE MOON :)

  10. Vetting still under going !! :) no news is good news

  11. Do they do events in london ?
  12. so references was sent out, but vetting only got the forms two days ago :( i hope vetting is done by the 11th Novemeber

  13. I had a old post this company,
  14. as it stands ive got my date and posting, so last part i hope all goes well with vetting :)