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  1. (Yet another) vetting query

    no news is good news !!! Providing you have been honest on your application
  2. Medical / Drugs testing

    Out everyone who I did my medical with I was the only one to get p... tested
  3. I think the bar system was working, as those officers only Supervise for "welfare isssues"
  4. back to hendon on the 2nd :) need to pass my kee3

  5. I can you for sure "cannabis warning" Just disclose everything
  6. Teacher/learner relationship

    Ohh dear !!! How old is the teacher ?
  7. Got retake this too with Public order TDA Drivers obs
  8. my last Kee3 on the 10th !!! Course as gone so quick

  9. passed my resit and passed my KEE2

  10. Attending Training, hope i pass my Resit KEE1 tomorrow, :)

  11. Special Constabulary Association

    They is the The Association of Special Constabulary Chief Officers (ASCCO) ?
  12. Hepatitis B injection .... Yes or no?

    Ok will get my done after reading this
  13. Vetting Cleared just waiting on my Confimation of Appointment email :) OVER THE MOON :)

  14. Your guide to VETTING

    vetting cleared today