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  1. Challenged by a colleague in public?

    As most others have said, your voice is your best form of defence, a firm "leave go" "get back" and normally people will do what they are told. PCSO's in my force aren't scared to get hands on when they need to, from my experience anyway.
  2. Your First Arrest as a Special

    First shift for theft, went to prison for 10 weeks had to wait 4 months for my next, breach of bail + possession class A and another 2 months for my 3rd common assault. First one was handed on a plate the rest I had to fight for.
  3. Quick question regarding being charged at the station

    Im sure one of the admins will say the same thing generic rule for this site is that we don't give legal advice. However a charge is a charge whether the courts find you guilty or not.
  4. Special to Regular

    As other people have said don't expect to be gifted a job just because you are a special. Im a special and I'm still having to go through the same recruitment process as any external applicant. I Know the requirement in my force is to have completed initial training and have a minimum of 200 hours over a one year period. the Neighbouring force however expects specials to have completed two years with a minimum off 200 duty hours per year.
  5. "Overtime thief"

    I've been a special with northumbria since July and I've actually been thanked by a Sgt for coming on shift when they were short staffed and asked to come back. I had a comment from one regular who said that he often forgets I'm a special and just treats me as he would any other cop. As long as you're happy to get stuck in and take your fair share of the griefy jobs then people will give you a chance.
  6. Common offences as a special

    My force is ***** hot on Theft, Burglary, burglary OTD, public order act and stop search. Also strongly recommend looking into section 136 of the MH act you'll use it a lot more than you expect.
  7. Charging Suspects in Custody

    The charge and charge wording etc are done by the OIC in our force. C/sgt decides if the person can have bail or is remanded on the info we give them or have on the system.
  8. Mental Health Act 1983 (Amendment)

    We often pass jobs on too our triage team. It not only leaves the person in much more capable hands but it also frees up a double crewed unit. Its a win win and should be rolled out nation wide.
  9. You know you're a Police Officer when...

    When you walk around the supermarket off duty and wonder why no body is looking at you.
  10. Mental Health Act 1983 (Amendment)

    We a currently piloting a Triage team which consists of a mental health assessment team and a uniformed police officer. They are on call from 07:00 - 02:00. They are an amazing resource and also means you can seek advice from a mental health professional just by P2P the cop.
  11. Emer button stories

    I've been on the streets about a month and a half now and been lucky enough not to need or hear the dreaded tone. I have how ever had two assistance calls, a custody affray alarm and ambulance hitting there red button. First one was the ambulance panic button. They had been called to a woman who had fallen down the stairs, when they arrived it turned out to be a DV where the male had attacked her, he then became aggressive towards the crew. we started making as well as a taser car and 2 other units but we were cancelled as one of the cars arrived first and made an arrest. Next one was the Affray alarm. I was in custody with my regular partner as we were waiting for a solicitor to turn up when the affray alarm started going off, we all sprint down the corridor to where another reg was doing a constant, the male had attempted to tie his t shirt around his neck when we got there two officers managed to fight it off him, he later ended up being restrained with limb restraints and handcuffs by myself and another officer as he kept hitting his head off the cell wall. First assistance call was following a DV criminal damage where the DP's friend took offence to his arrest officers shouted for assistance, half of the shift were state 4 at the time, myself included never seen the break room empty so fast, as we arrived half the shift were already on scene both detainees were put in the vans. two officers had to go to hospital for minor injuries. Second assistance call was today yet again we were state 4 when we heard an officer from the another patch shout up rather muffled we all looked at each other as if to say 'what did he say' then the control room relayed the assistance call again we all stood up and ran, myself and my crew mate just happened to have an ASU van due to a vehicle shortage so we jumped in the van with another officer and the inspector (who was first out of the door and trying to find a vehicle) we were about 2 minutes away when they cancelled any further, we still attended as we had a cage van and were then asked to assist with the search that had made it all kick off in the first place. I have a lot of respect for our inspector he is always one of the first out the door and will happily shout up for jobs if we are short staffed.
  12. I stand corrected, it must just be a force policy thing. Personal choice will always be to wear one unless absolutely necessary.
  13. I'm pretty sure that your not exempt from wearing a seatbelt unless it is a operational necessity,for example arriving on scene or transporting prisoners. I've only been on the streets 2 months and already had 3 near misses whilst on route to grade one calls due to MOP's not paying attention. I don't see why there is a need not to wear a seat belt on routine patrol, but that's my personal opinion.
  14. Definitive Event Policing

    Personally I think its a brilliant idea in the context its used, as long as they stick to private events and festivals I can't see there being a problem. Much more appropriet than your average G4S style barrier lifters.
  15. Dispatcher Stories

    Big one for me that came about on Sunday night, if your scanning through info on a log please don't leave your mic open. Had a controller on Sunday night who kept doing this, I know it's late, I know your tired, but leaving your mic open for nearly 10 seconds in silence is not cool.