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  1. He's definitely badly worded his comment
  2. Oh I'd be here all day if I told you about the similar situations I've unfortunately found myself in with aggressive males and their cars. In fact I'm trying to sell my private plate (because it's obvious I'm female with it on) because it seemed to aggravate it
  3. Have you tried the STAR method? Situation Task Action Result
  4. I'm not joining to become a reg, I'm joining as being a Special will open up opportunity doors for me. I am stuck in a very deep rut in my current job where there is simply no money for development or training opportunities. Motivation-ometer is at an all-time low However if I love being a Special then I may try for the Regs. We'll see
  5. Does anyone have any info about the Sex Offender Management Unit please? What type of work they carry out (apart from managing SO's obv). Can't find much on google, force websites or here. Thanks in advance
  6. We were thinking of heading to the Golden Ring, the cities look lovely. And we're also going to the other Novgorod, Veliky! Not got the time to head to Nizhny I don't think
  7. You may be better putting this into the BTP sub forum, although not directly linked to the BTP. But regardless, go for it! It may be a great thing for you to do. PS the Russia thing in this post caught my eye somewhat as I am off backpacking through there next month. Which province were you living in?
  8. What time/day is the egg and spoon race on?
  9. Absolute idiocy by this woman, I often drive past the McDonald's in Whitefield and the junction and roads next to it are busy. Why on earth take an equine round there??? I wouldn't want to walk my dog in such a busy area never mind take a pony there. Thankfully the pony sounded like it was quite placid, imagine if it kicked off too? Rant over
  10. Not paid rent since 2000, disgusting! And as if the locals joined in too, not-rights!
  11. Rabid by name rabid by nature
  12. Saw the two ladies on brekkie TV this morning, looks interesting! http://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/tv-radio/414015/Picks-of-the-day-Married- To-The-Job
  13. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2358223/Francesa-Raby-scarred-Salford-mo ther-life-biting-face-like-rabid-animal-SPARED-prison.html Disgusting excuse for a human being who I have had the unfortunate experience of meeting whilst working in the public sector some years ago Her previous: http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/girls-13-hou r-torture-ordeal-967793
  14. What a vile poisonous girl. I hope her pals in the YOI treat her 'well' :new_yes: :winking: