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  1. Warrant card as general ID...

    But surely common sense... ? Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  2. Warrant card as general ID...

    So I went to the shops today to get the weekly food shop. I thought I'd chuck in a cheeky bottle of wine to have at some point and went to the till as normal... I was using the self-service machines and so it flagged up for authorisation for alcohol - not an issue, I'm 30. When the assistant came over I expected the usual acceptance of looking old enough, but on this occasion I was asked for ID... Flattered The only thing I had on me was a bank card and my warrant card. I said (and showed) this to the assistant who asked if it had my DoB on it - no. I was told that she couldn't really accept it as it didn't confirm my age. She had a longer look at me and decided that I did look old enough (I obviously didn't weather well over the 30 second interaction) and so I paid and left. My question is this, would you have accepted a warrant card as sufficient ID? I'm not aware of any 16yr old police officers... I know she was only doing her job, I have no gripe with that at all, it just amused me.
  3. Public's reaction to Specials

    I just go with SC Jones... Most people either just see the uniform or don't actually know/care about the title. It's like if someone were being interview by someone who titles themselves as DCI Bloggs - nobody is going to say he's not a policeman, just accept it's someone there doing their job. That being said, I do say I'm a volunteer police officer to those who ask as it's easier than explaining what a Special is... Otherwise I'm SC and proud of it.
  4. Conjoined shoplifter

    Is it right to arrest? In doing so you're taking away a, believed to be innocent, person's liberty (that of the other twin). Wouldn't it be better to somehow obtain details, investigate the extent of the twindom (did I just make up a word?) and then act at a later stage if required?