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  1. The Job Video

    Was meandering around on YouTube and found this video and thought I'd share for general interest. And of course your comments are always welcome
  2. Who Are They? What Branch?

    It sounds like your local force marine unit, or something similar. Essex marine unit did look like that... before they were disbanded.
  3. They apologise and say what their outcome was (caution/charge/nfa etc). Say how it would be their first and last time of getting into trouble with the law.
  4. You arrested two lads for theft, very compliant, first time offenders. Next day, your off duty in civis walking around town, when you spot these two males and they approach you. What do you do? Or if its happened what did you do? (Apologies its a bit random, thought of it and wondered what people would do?)
  5. No Seat Belt

    Okay thanks. So if you do stop someone they claim they have an exemption, you issue a HORT/1, but they don't they are just saying it to get out of a ticket, what happens after they don't produce the document after 7 days?
  6. No Seat Belt

    Would/could something like this be put onto PNC, either under the vehicle or driver?
  7. Depending where you were, type of road, etc you could stop the vehicle and have a chat with the driver or issue a ticket/NDORS.
  8. PCSOs Detaining Shoplifters

    If the managers were quick on the guys tail, its probably a fairly high chance that the security in the store were watching him anyway. Were there any security around?
  9. Forces with RPU Specials

  10. We have a similar thing round our way, although someone has kindly emailed the council with the VRMs of our vehicles so that we don't keep getting sent tickets.
  11. Is 18 to young?

    I work with a lot of older specials and they all bring their own individual benefits and experiences which helps us all. That said as well I do get a lot of stick for how young I am, often referred to as still being in nappies or does your mum know your out this late. If you ever have any questions about good ol' Essex feel free to drop me a message.
  12. Is 18 to young?

    I joined when I was 18 years old. The ages on my intake went a bit like this: 23, 19, 18, 18, 18. One of which was only just 18 but a month or two. There have been several intakes since I started and when people have come to my station there is always someone who is 18/19 years. If not more than one. Sometimes its better if your younger because you might learn things quicker than someone who's a bit older, or be more willing to learn things.
  13. Tips for someone gaining IPS

    All sounds very informative and useful. I will bear that all in mind. As you say, Sceptre, new doors open when you get IPS when they perhaps should wait for a little while first. I do see entirely your point and do agree. Didn't think of it like a driving test, good comparison.
  14. misc

  15. Tips for someone gaining IPS

    I can imagine it can be difficult at night time. Recently round here the council have decided to turn off all the street lights between 0000-0500 every night so now makes it tricky driving around at night because you can't see anything. Good advice though. Many thanks I will try to work with my team and do some bits on my own because I'm obviously not always going to be with someone or could get tasked with going off and doing something on my own. Rosco - Yeah that does seem a bit silly how they couldn't do anything on their own.