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  1. BBC: Disturbance at 'crisis' prison HMP Ranby

    Well this is sure getting out of hand.. quickly!
  2. Volunteering as 'Police Staff'

    Apologies for bumping an old thread... I wish to say that I got an interview and passed it, been accepted and waiting to clear vetting.. woo :D
  3. Volunteering as 'Police Staff'

    Hey Sepura, Yes they have updated that quite alot since I last looked, being a student all they had on offer was a service called 'Student Watch' however there is much more now! Indeed, thanks for the advice. I have already applied for the role I am awaiting for the assessment center I just wouldn't mind this too. Jamie
  4. Volunteering as 'Police Staff'

    Hi there, On the application form it says Portsmouth Central.
  5. Volunteering as 'Police Staff'

    Hey Sepura! Oh nice, I am guessing BTP is those guys who I always see at the trainstation looking slightly bored? Oh nice one, That is true, I do wish to become a special/regular - I am on the processes of becoming one however I wouldn't mind getting this job, like you said, for the CV and it will go nicely with my university studies.. I have always been interested in how the police works on and off streets so it will be very interesting experiences indeed, if given. Haha, thankfully I know how to make a mean cup of tea! Shall I say this in my interview?
  6. Hey guys, I have recently applied for a volunteer position as a member of the police staff at my local force, Hampshire constabulary, in the custody area doing Admin tasks and whatever else is required. My advice is, if shortlisted what do I expect to happen next, i.e. an interview etc? and has anyone done any volunteering with the police before, or still is? (apart from the specials) will there be a uniform given? How is it working in an environment such as 'Police Staff'. etc Cheers, Jamie
  7. Degree - Necessary for Police?

    I'd say having a degree might help your chances in the long run.. however, with the police it's mostly to do with experiences and whatnot. Everyone is tested in the same way in the end of the day, like in the assessments regardless of what qualifications you may have. I am currently studying Criminology with Forensic Science, to me.. this is a back up plan or for something in the future. For example, I could become an academic researcher in the filed of forensic, etc. so if you're considering getting a degree, I do recommend it.