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  1. Police mutual

    +1 to them being ridiculously expensive for car insurance. Never used them for anything else, and remember to opt out of their marketing. The wife forgot and receives rubbish most weeks through the door.
  2. Provisional licence driving questions

    Only time you could really do it on your own in a car is if you're on private land to which the public do not have access. If you're in Asda car park then you could be in bother.
  3. Multiple licence plates on a vehicle

    It seems quite common now on people who 'mod' their cars. I saw one yesterday with the Back to the Future outatime plate on the back next to the proper reg number. It's quite obvious it isn't a UK plate so if the other proper plates front and rear were compliant I'd most likely use my discretion to leave it be. Would be interesting to see a traffic officer's input.
  4. Special Constable and full time work

    I was recently on the job hunt and had a handful of interviews where more time was spent talking about me being a Special than my actual skills and abilities to do the job I had applied for. Every single interview seemed excellent and I didn't get any of the jobs. I removed all reference to being an SC on my CV for the last job I applied for, interview went exactly the same as the earlier ones and I got the job. I think people who don't understand what we do think we're just going to leave to become a PC sometime soon.
  5. METRO news.This many police cars showed up to an early morning street brawl

    Could of been a red button job with that amount of cars there!
  6. How often do you do traffic stops?

    haha, my bad!
  7. How often do you do traffic stops?

    Northumbria do not allow SCs compliant stop so all my stops have been getting my partner to jump out (double screwed specials) and ask the car to pull over, or when spotted at junctions pull alongside and request to stop. Pretty much all of them have ended in a compliant VDRS process.
  8. Necessity to arrest for breach of bail

    Ask your personal Sgt / Inspector to come in and ask why custody are being so difficult. I've heard of cops in my area having to get their shift Sgt / Inspector involved when custody wouldn't priorities a potential drink driver over more non time critical arrests. One recently blew ~50 on roadside, 60-90 mins later after being booked in blew 38 and was released.
  9. A Knock at the door

    As a previous radio presenter, this is an excellent piece of audio.
  10. Police uniform and pig mask

    The one I forgot about - cheers!
  11. Police uniform and pig mask

    Always wanting to learn, so referring to the YouTube clip above where the Sgt arrests the man, I can't think of what necessity I would use for that arrest. (a)to enable the name of the person in question to be ascertained (in the case where the constable does not know, and cannot readily ascertain, the person's name, or has reasonable grounds for doubting whether a name given by the person as his name is his real name); (b)correspondingly as regards the person's address; ©to prevent the person in question— (i)causing physical injury to himself or any other person; (ii)suffering physical injury; (iii)causing loss of or damage to property; (iv)committing an offence against public decency (subject to subsection (6)); or (v)causing an unlawful obstruction of the highway; (d)to protect a child or other vulnerable person from the person in question; (e)to allow the prompt and effective investigation of the offence or of the conduct of the person in question; (f)to prevent any prosecution for the offence from being hindered by the disappearance of the person in question. Public decency (iv) I don't think would apply, and Section 90 Police Act 1996 does give guidance, but I don't think a reasonable person would believe the person in the pig mask was a police officer. Trollstation do a better job of impersonating police than this pig mask person. Interested to see replies.
  12. Traffic Stop - Showing No Insurance

    We had a no-insurance on Sunday. Vehicle showing no insurance on ANPR, expired in February. Car stopped, driver adamant she was insured. Also there was a smell of intoxicating liquor so was breath tested. As not far from home we took her home to get documents- couldn't find any. Showed us payments on her online banking app of a monthly payment being taken saying this was the car insurance. Still no real proof and insurance company shut. Returned to vehicle, found a policy confirmation letter in the glove box but no certificate. Date of confirmation was 3 months prior to the day of the insurance ending on ANPR screen which suggested monthly payment policy. Driver confirmed, stated there was a problem with direct debit but it had been paid. As PNC said no insurance, insurance company shut and no real proof- vehicle was 165d. Driver interviewed and reported in the car. Driver was told to contact insurance company first thing and my partner said he would send a data protection request to the insurance company for definitive proof.
  13. stamps

    I would arrest for high treason and send them to the tower* *Likely on route to the tower, government cuts would mean he would go free.
  14. Specials & Tasers

    Sometimes I have been the only response car on duty for a large area because of on-going incidents, or just when a shift is wiped out with a bug and only a handful are in. I was very nervous a few weeks back as I was first on scene to a reported 2 males fighting and a pitbull mauling one of the men. Fortunately it was not as reported as I was really unsure what I was going to do en-route, it was quite unpleasant. Thoughts I considered included baton against dog, using my car against the dog if the threat was so severe, CS owner if they're coming to me with the dog, hide in car and request firearms (genuine thought - I had no idea what to do).
  15. As motorbike thugs sped towards a fellow officer, special constable Andrew Blades used his patrol car as a barrier to try to cut them off. But rather than being hailed a hero, Acting Sergeant Blades, who had been volunteering with the police for six years, was hauled to court and convicted of dangerous driving. As a result, he was left with a criminal record and lost his driving instructor job. Mr Blades had parked across the road to stop yobs racing down it – and to back up his colleague as the illegal off-road bikes roared towards him. As motorbike thugs sped towards a fellow officer, special constable Andrew Blades used his patrol car as a barrier to try to cut them off One of the unlicenced and uninsured riders fled while the other skidded into the stationary police car as he tried to pass it, leaving him and his pillion passenger with cuts and bruises. But instead of praising Mr Blades for tackling the hoodlums, senior police chiefs charged him with dangerous driving. His conviction and 12-month driving ban means he can never again work as an instructor. To compound the injustice, the 38-year-old was ordered to pay his victims £100 compensation each, and the biker – who committed at least six motoring offences that evening – is understood to have sued Lancashire Constabulary for damages. The case sparked fury that someone so committed to the values of David Cameron's Big Society could be treated so badly. Mr Blades, who quit the special force and now works part-time in a call centre while studying history at university, said: 'The end result does not seem proportionate. It is sickening that someone who has committed a criminal offence has been rewarded while I was trying to stop a crime and keep people safe and I have been repeatedly punished.' Local Tory MP Jake Berry said: 'It is an absolute scandal that an upstanding member of the community who has dedicated six years of voluntary service to Lancashire should find himself in this position. 'Having given up his time … he now finds himself with an unwarranted conviction for dangerous driving, struggling to make ends meet and without access to transport … I will be raising this issue with the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice.' On May 22 last year Mr Blades was supervising two other special constables on an anti-social behaviour patrol on a housing estate in Burnley. Mr Blades (pictured) had parked across the road to stop yobs racing down it – and to back up his colleague as the illegal off-road bikes roared towards him At around 10pm, the officers – all in uniforms and hi-visibility jackets – intervened to stop the two motorbikers terrorising the neighbourhood. One constable got out of the unmarked car and stood in the road with his hand raised to halt the riders, but the bikes sped on towards him. To try to stop them, Mr Blades slowly swung the vehicle across the street behind his companion, to block the bikes' path. Crucially, this was against police rules. He said: 'I did the wrong thing. But it was a split-second decision I took to protect a fellow police officer. I was worried that someone I was responsible for was going to get run over and killed.' One rider saw the makeshift barricade, turned and sped off. The other tried to pass the car, at about 20mph, by mounting the pavement, but the bike clipped the kerb and slid into the vehicle's side. The rider, 18, and his passenger, 12, did not need medical treatment. However, traffic officers launched an investigation into Mr Blades's conduct. He was charged with dangerous driving – which has a maximum two-year jail term – and was advised to plead guilty to avoid a prison sentence. Prosecutors at Blackburn magistrates' court claimed he had used the car 'as a weapon'. District Judge James Clarke said Mr Blades had made a 'misjudgement rather than [committed] a reckless act'. But the ex-postman from Bacup, Lancashire, was banned from the road, meaning he has lost his main income as a part-time driving instructor. His travel costs have doubled and he struggles to get to his call centre job and to the University of Central Lancashire. Mr Blades said: 'My motivation for this action was to support my colleague … It was hardly reckless or careless, let alone dangerous … I thought giving something back to society was the right thing to do.' For three years, Mr Blades was a special inspector in charge of 45 officers. Lancashire Constabulary said his record had been 'unblemished'. A spokesman said: 'Mr Blades had only received the most basic level of police driver training and he was neither trained nor authorised to carry out a manoeuvre like the one he attempted. [His] behaviour on this occasion clearly fell below the high standards expected.' The Crown Prosecution Service declined to comment.