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  1. Help/advice needed please.

    Thanks for the info, Philbo. I've tried messaging you, but I'm being told my inbox is full, despite deleting more than several messages. Some of the detail I'd rather not put on here, in case it comes back on me. I have emailed my local fed, but haven't heard anything as of yet. Will keep trying to inbox you.
  2. Help/advice needed please.

    Hello all. Apologies if a similar discussion is already somewhere on this forum, I've a lot of digging to do! I'm currently as serving SC, but had been requested to have another hearing test done, since I've taken on new hearing aids. Prior to joining the job, I was tested the standard way and an extended field test was done also. I passed the extended field test with no concerns. I would like to hear from anyone in the job, Regulars or Specials, that have any hearing disability please. I'm more than happy to private message. I'd just like to ascertain your experiences, etc please, because, as it stands, there is no union or federation that we, as Specials, are able to turn to and I really need some advice. Many thanks in advance.
  3. independent patrol status

    There's been a bit of discussion on a similar case to this, as I maybe in the process of possibly needing to seek some help. From what I recall, Specials have be treated the same as Force's policy is for the Regs.
  4. Union for Specials - Help!

    Thanks, will look into that. Had a bit of an explanation as to what it's all about and meeting soon. I'm quite happy to go by myself for now, should anything come to light otherwise, then I'll look at the above and rearrange meeting for when I can have someone with me.
  5. Union for Specials - Help!

    Thanks. I just always remember hearing that it's a case of the fed only getting involved with Specials, if the situation involves Regulars. One thing I would just like to know for now is do I have the right to have someone represent me, if I'm called into the meeting?
  6. Union for Specials - Help!

    Left message with Fed, will hopefully hear from them tomorrow.
  7. Union for Specials - Help!

    Yes, I won't be discussing any aspects of it on a public forum.
  8. Union for Specials - Help!

    I'll give the fed a quick call, as they took me on board for a case I was involved with last year. Have spoken to and signed up to UNISON, but they can't do anything for 4 weeks. It's a possible disciplinary I believe.
  9. Union for Specials - Help!

    Not sure if this has been covered before or not. I need some urgent assistance and need to know if SCs have a union body that we can go to please?
  10. So, first duty....

    Hit the nail on the head there. I'm always fiddling with my volume knob!!! Haven't needed to use spare battery as of yet though......
  11. On Medical Hold because of hearing test

    Hi djwayne I've just picked up on this thread. I am a serving SC and I'm totally deaf in my right ear since birth. OH had myself in for the standard hearing test, as expected, it showed my hearing loss. I was then referred to Airwave, who did the practical field test with the radio, etc, whilst in a car. I am fully operational, but I know I will never be allowed to join Firearms, Traffic or Dogs, as a regular because of the hearing issue and the health & safety aspects of those departments. Nobody ever said to me that I couldn't be fully operational, as an SC, and have also spoken to OH again recently about my hearing, because somebody has made an issue with it. Basically, I walked in late on a conversation and was also listening to the radio, I did the one thing we should never do.....which is assume.....and ended up getting some information mixed up. Simple, human error from trying to listen to 2 conversations at once. There will be those that will think you can't do the job, which is why I've mentioned the above, yet it should be remembered that even during the recruitment process also, your case has to be assessed on an individual basis.....Everyone is an individual. I've always kept a Plan B of purchasing a hearing aid if I need to, as there are serving officers with hearing aids also. I really enjoy doing the Saturday night shifts, dealing with the nighttime economy, of which it can be a very loud environment, yet I cope perfectly fine and have had praise from a Sergeant for this. Keep us updated on your progress.
  12. Deafness

    That's basically what I do. Face the person I'm listening to and just turn down the radio enough to pick out my call sign or the dreaded beep. I swear one of my response Sergeants has less hearing than me, I've had to tell him when he's being called and can certainly give a couple of other examples where I've had to alert him. Haha! I can still work the Saturday night shifts on the town, usually much noisier too, so I'm forever fiddling with my knob also!
  13. Deafness

    Quick question to any serving officers, with normal hearing... If the radio is transmitting/going off and you have someone in front of you talking to you also, at the same time, what do you do?
  14. Deafness

    There's certainly a degree of H&S gone mad! My audiologist said that a hearing test simply tests the dynamics of your hearing, but that doesn't mean to say what you can and can't actually hear. One of my arguments, about the way we're tested, would be that it should be a sound proof room with a speaker on either wall and you sit between them. That way you're hearing sounds to both the left and right, but in more of a natural environment. Yes, if someone were to whisper in my deaf ear, I'm not going to hear it. But, is that an everyday occurrence? No. If someone goes to speak into my deaf ear, when I'm in a nightclub, I direct them to the other ear. Simple. The hearing in one ear has definitely made myself more adapted as I've got older, so there probably are some examples where I hear things that other's haven't. Exactly why I said earlier that you can't compare my hearing to that of a deaf child. It takes some adapting with the earpiece, public, background noise, colleagues, etc, but I'm mastering the art of it. At the end of the day, whether we have hearing in both or just the one ear, if you've got Comms going on in your ear, whilst someone is also talking in front of you at the same time, you've got to shut one or the other out. OH passed myself fit for frontline. If a colleague wishes to make a statement about my hearing, I shall direct them in the direction of OH next time.
  15. Deafness

    Hello all I'm currently a serving SC, with a deafness in my right ear since birth. I currently don't wear a hearing aid (the ear was born deaf and nothing works for it) but would very much like to hear from any serving officers (PC or SC) who have similar deafness issues please, as I could do with some advice please. Many thanks in advance