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  1. Daily Mail "motorists risk a fatal accident by texting, tweeting or using Facebook at the wheel – more distracting than being over the drink-drive limit." IMO if the offence is comparible, then the Penalty should be too. People using a Mobile phone while Driving on the road should be banned.
  2. I have been looking on the Police Specials Forums on and off since I started my 23 weekend course back in November and have not seen any reference to the BTACS Specials Training Course in people's posts This has to be without a shadow of a doubt the best supplement to help passing your exams. Made up of material acquired by “Freedom Of Information” it serves as the best preparation, in My opinion. I am very busy at work during the day , but found having the complete course in one place, on line ( No paperwork !) allowing me to toggle through the subjects at my own pace, was priceless It is almost a mirror image of the type of questions asked in your KEE’s and gives you an understanding of the angle of approach you need to take and are taken by. I think this is especially useful for people doing the weekend course as you are rarely with the same trainer and there is a lack of continuity While I appreciate the information is all somewhere in and among the Short notes (600 pages Long) and Long notes (Longer!) this is a MUST if you want, an almost guaranteed Pass. I appreciate what is good for one is sometimes not for another …. It does not apply in this instance. I passed all 3 KEE’s with no re sits and Attest next week Looking forward to all there is to learn and experience for real ! Best of Luck
  3. Attestation Guests

    Thanks for your Posts ! Just for your info I Passed out approx 15 years ago first time around and I had 4 guests with me ! The course (Procedures that is) has changed so much over the years. Still enjoyed it though......... Thanks again.
  4. Attestation Guests

    I am soon to complete the 23 week course for the MSC and have been given an Attestation date at Hendon. Are we allowed to bring guest aong on the day ? Some have said one and others have said none ........ sure I will find out in the fullness of time but would like to know from others who know for sure. Thanks