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  1. MetChat

    I think this is the new Baton, but don't hold me to it as I've not had a good look at them to find out. So looks like the holder is designed for the baton. I was issued with the nylon holder as well but as you say it's rubbish so ended up buying a Peter Jones holder.
  2. MetChat

    he holder does look like a improvement on the fabric one you get South the monadnock, but the nor being able to play with one I could be wrong. Gravity fiction lock baton is the generic name for expandable batons that use the force of the swing to expand them rather than being spring loaded.
  3. MetChat

    Just been to Hendon for OST27. Seen all the new recruits with the new gravity friction luck baton, looked like lots of ridges and dimples, reminds of an item ribbed for her pleasure... Anyone got their hands on one yet to see what it's like and I mean the baton not the condoms.
  4. Stab Vest

    In Azza's defence, the Kevlar is actually protected by an outer layer which stops UV reaching the kevlar. Like Kevlar rope, the core is actually kevlar but is protected by an outer sheath of woven polyester.
  5. PSU Medic

    Combat Applied Tourniquet. Useful bit of kit.
  6. BBC;Met Police chief backs 50:50 recruitment

    And you need to look beyond as you say it being a personal experience and look at the point that I was making that persecution is, has and can occur in all sections of life. Yes the use of slaves was abhorrent but it was outlawed hundreds of years ago. The same way Germany's near wiping out of the Jewish, Slovak and Gay population of axis controlled Europe was just abhorrent. But I do not blame every German I meet on the street for this heinous crime, they did not commit it they were mostly not born so could not effect it. So because you are white you feel that acceptance and promotion of an idea that would actively discriminate against yourself is ok? But still that discrimination is illegal, and to say or set up laws to accept discrimination in any form will set a dangerous precedent in my view. I agree with David I see nothing wrong with actively promoting the role within ethnic minorities. so your use of it to argue that one area of the the population should gain a leg up in life over another is invalid.
  7. BBC;Met Police chief backs 50:50 recruitment

    So in plain English my own story which you feel is not reliable as it is based on personal account cannot be compared when dealing with social questions or problems of a social group that shares common ideas and combining that of OTHER ethnic groups. Nice attempt at a high brow insult though. But your idea of recanting for millenia of wrong doing by a single demographic without taking into account the actions of all since the birth is just as abhorrent to me. But in plain English I feel your idea is bordering racist.
  8. BBC;Met Police chief backs 50:50 recruitment

    Exactly, as you say all stats and nothing to do with perceived historic persecution.
  9. BBC;Met Police chief backs 50:50 recruitment

    Hmm, I come from a Polish family who were persecuted during the Second World War, but class myself as White British, So will my white Britishness out weigh the persecution of 70 years ago in your eyes or should I go back to the old testament for proof of my forefathers persecution to be able to trump my white lineage? Gender, race or sexual orientation, none of it matters to me as long everybody gets the job done.
  10. #copsoffcampus University protests against the police

    Their heads might explode trying to work out that logic puzzle.
  11. Living south of the river

    32 years old 6 ft tall and sadly no longer a cool rebellious 16 year old. I know that hanging over the handle bars does not make your moped go faster and no you don't look cool! :new_shades: So yes moped's are practical but far from being the cool method of transport that it once was when I was younger.
  12. Living south of the river

    A ped is a good way (if slightly embarrassing) way to get round, I use one to commute to the local railway station so it's cheap to run and free to park. Commuting by car it takes between an hour and an hour and a half to get to the station I'm based out of, about the same time as jumping on a train. As a commute this isn't to bad in my opinion, but I can see why people just getting started want to be based closer.
  13. Living south of the river

    And this is why I moved out of London, I live in a 3 bed detached house that costs me less then a 1 bed studio in Kingston. I love London and my time there but by living a bit further out of London I can afford to do more then just pay rent.
  14. Living south of the river

    Just as a comparison in prices using Rightmove (other property websites are available). Kingston and the surrounding area (Maldon, Surbiton, Berrylands etc) for a 1 bed/studio flat your looking at a minimum of £800 a month, Dartford area £525 a month Brentwood, Essex, £600. You can house share and get better prices rent wise but then that has it's own pit falls.
  15. Living south of the river

    In comparison to going towards Dartford and a lot of other areas on the out skirts of London I'd say it still is. Surbiton and Thames Ditton even more so because of the direct link into Waterloo via Surbiton.
  16. Living south of the river

    And also very expensive. I lived there for a few years it has a great atmosphere especially during the summer by the Thames.
  17. Parking at Hendon

    Visitor parking is by the main gate. But as has been said send an email with your details and you might be able to parkin the main area. Also on your attestation letter you should have a phone number which you can call on the day which could be useful.
  18. KEE 3 questions, unfair!

    Well in that case nobody should fail after the first KEE as everyone should know to revise, but they do for more reasons then just not revising. Biggest one being nor reading the question! What I'm saying is its unfair to some people who have worked hard revising but fail for what ever reason just to turn round and say it's because they don't revise.
  19. KEE 3 questions, unfair!

    The people who took resits on my course might disagree with you there.
  20. KEE 3 questions, unfair!

    Good luck with the resit. Just remember try not to over think the questions
  21. KEE 3 questions, unfair!

    I sat the KEE3 on Wednesday at Bethnal, only two people failed and only one of those was on drivers obs. I found the hand out was not good enough to pass the section and you needed to rely more on the quick notes. But then saying that only one question caused the class problems.
  22. August Intake

    Quick notes only No white notes given out, a booklet on how to use them and I think the ost booklet which they do like you to read before turning up for the first day of ost. The admin can take a while when you think about all the classes at each training centre then add on any hybrids.
  23. August Intake

    The day is probably best described as paper work and speeches. You will get your I.d card done first thingthen if you have time warrant card pics. You'll have paper work to complete and meet you tutors the day is not to bad. The canteen at Hendon is good, not to expensive but can't promise the same at training bases, Bethnal Green was always a bit hit and miss food wise
  24. August Intake

    Don't let the security on Gate D send you up to the main gate, you'll just be walking all the way back down. A few of us were made to do this when I had my first day at Hendon. Have a good ( if slightly boring) first day!
  25. KEE 3 questions, unfair!

    It would help with the understanding but as it says on the front of the KEE exams reproduction of the questions is against professional standards etc...