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  1. PSU Medic

    Combat Applied Tourniquet. Useful bit of kit.
  2. BBC;Met Police chief backs 50:50 recruitment

    And you need to look beyond as you say it being a personal experience and look at the point that I was making that persecution is, has and can occur in all sections of life. Yes the use of slaves was abhorrent but it was outlawed hundreds of years ago. The same way Germany's near wiping out of the Jewish, Slovak and Gay population of axis controlled Europe was just abhorrent. But I do not blame every German I meet on the street for this heinous crime, they did not commit it they were mostly not born so could not effect it. So because you are white you feel that acceptance and promotion of an idea that would actively discriminate against yourself is ok? But still that discrimination is illegal, and to say or set up laws to accept discrimination in any form will set a dangerous precedent in my view. I agree with David I see nothing wrong with actively promoting the role within ethnic minorities. so your use of it to argue that one area of the the population should gain a leg up in life over another is invalid.
  3. BBC;Met Police chief backs 50:50 recruitment

    So in plain English my own story which you feel is not reliable as it is based on personal account cannot be compared when dealing with social questions or problems of a social group that shares common ideas and combining that of OTHER ethnic groups. Nice attempt at a high brow insult though. But your idea of recanting for millenia of wrong doing by a single demographic without taking into account the actions of all since the birth is just as abhorrent to me. But in plain English I feel your idea is bordering racist.
  4. BBC;Met Police chief backs 50:50 recruitment

    Exactly, as you say all stats and nothing to do with perceived historic persecution.
  5. BBC;Met Police chief backs 50:50 recruitment

    Hmm, I come from a Polish family who were persecuted during the Second World War, but class myself as White British, So will my white Britishness out weigh the persecution of 70 years ago in your eyes or should I go back to the old testament for proof of my forefathers persecution to be able to trump my white lineage? Gender, race or sexual orientation, none of it matters to me as long everybody gets the job done.
  6. #copsoffcampus University protests against the police

    Their heads might explode trying to work out that logic puzzle.
  7. Medical - Protein shakes

    I can't see how it would affect your medical, if your fit with no underlying illness. If they test your urine and elevated levels of protein are found this is an indicator of kidney disease or diabetes which could be a medical concern. But if your fit your body should be able to process the protein from these shakes, that is unless your going crazy with them!