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  1. Police squad as headed by Frank Drebin.
  2. Moved to Real World.
  3. Rizzo Nah, most certainly a Danny style hair cut on the go!
  4. I have been recognised out of work twice. I have a distinct Grease style quiff though so maybe that's why.
  5. Posts merged, same topic.
  6. I don't think my force even has one!
  7. Just boggles my mind really...
  8. Mine initial consisted of "got a driving license?" Sure, you can drive. Followed by the compliant stop training and I tell no word of a lie; the DT got out a road roll mat with some toy police cars and demonstrated on the roll mat how to pull vehicles over...
  9. The last thing officers want when they're dealing with a situation is someone filming in their faces or trying to interject. The officers are there to deal with a job and they need to deal with it appropriately and correctly. This is hard enough given the nature of the work officers deal with, without having to worry about someone else adding to their concerns and potentially causing issues. I would also advise against not to just "join up" with officers and follow them around. By all means go and talk and engage with them, but following them around is just weird and yes, it's an uneasy feeling. How would you feel if you were in a group of your friends and somebody whom you don't know is constantly following you around and filming you? It'd certainly make me feel uncomfortable. If your goal is to engage with police and see how they work, do it the way your local sergeant mentioned. Apply for a ride along and that way you can ask all the questions about situations and see why they deal with things in those ways. You won't be allowed to film however.
  10. I think it's usually around 21 inches. I have a side break scabbard, unsure the maker of which though. It's good, but i believe they're pretty expensive if not issued to you.
  11. Special at 18. PC at 20.
  12. Depends on what you want. Do you wish to see if you'd like the job first and get a snippet of what policing is like first before committing? If so, join as a special and see how you feel. If you're adamant you want to do it as a career then apply now. There's no point in joining as a special if you're dead set on doing it full time. I joined as a special first to see if I'd like it, and I really enjoyed it so joined as a regular. However I must warn you that being a special is a lot different than being a regular in the work sense, etc. No harm in applying whilst you're a special though and seeing how it plays out!
  13. I always sign at the end of the day to confirm that I am happy with the notes that have been written in there. * Not for this specific reason of course, my PNB is never left unattended!!
  14. Was a special at 18 and joined as a regular age 20. Age is just a number as said, although some "baby jokes" may follow!! That's all part of the fun though :-) I have since decided to grow a beard and thankfully the above has now ceased... Haha