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  1. Riots in the USA

    Military arms have been handed down to Police forces since atleast the era of modern smokeless powder. Police got .38 revolvers post Spanish American War. Police got Model 12 riot/combat shotguns and 1903 rifles post WW1 from the military.Police adopted the Thompson submachine gun before the military, the Mass State Police couldnt afford uniforms so they repurposed ww1 era military uniforms. More Thompsons submachineguns were given to police post military use. Military M79 grenade launchers were given to launch tear gas. Current stuff handed down is M16 rifles which are trash and rarely used on the street OR more expensive items like armored vehicles, gas grenade launchers, comm equipment and stuff like Night Observation Equipment.
  2. Riots in the USA

    So getting shot in the USA is can be desregarded when we remember people are getting shot in Iraq? American Citizens on average have some comparable small arms to Iraqis. A 30-06 "hunting rifle" punches through police soft armor easier than a AK47. The UK waged a war in NI. A legitimate war. How can you possibly argue this? Cite that. WHERE were people forced out at gun point?. I hear this all the time but no one is able to cite an actual resident forced out... How should we have dealt with active islamic terrorist who killed 3 civilians and a cop? run and cower while they hold a media circus al-la The Rigby murder. *Added. The Rigby murders stood around and waited with a knife, they got shot. The Tsarnevs were on their way to kill more in NYC with a gun and bombs. they got shot.
  3. Riots in the USA

    Except more and more of the medias portrayal of the incident is proving false, and the officers account is proving true. People percieve things where there are not things. This is the basis of politics and magic, distract and mislead.
  4. Generaly, when they go off, the casing stays whole, and the gasses are vented out the ends and the holes in the side, as observed in the above picture. Now covering those holes with a hand is a good way to lose it. Im more apt to agree with peteee
  5. Cop retreated through several locked doors Thug still tries to attack still Thug gets shot clearly for his criminal actions Thug keeps threatening despite being bested Im sure the family will be suing saying they were turnign thier life around. Awaiting Obama saying this could have been his son. Check out the sick blacked out Detroit cruiser.The sad fact is Detroit is far worse now, than i was in the 80s when Robo Cop and Death Wish came out.
  6. And yet, its cities are declaring bankruptcy and it has allowed itself to be legislated that they cant increase taxes, but must provide more and more social welfare. Yes, Many states rival NATIONS in their GDP, however they squander money for votes just the same.
  7. California is our Greece. a failed experiment of a state, in default. If you made zen diagrams of logic and California... the two would never meet.
  8. Really, the legendary McDonalds hot coffee case was was over blown Facts are A customer got burned by coffee that was way hotter than not only the "hot " concept of coffee but beyond McD's policy the initial customer only sued for medical costs. and the judges have applied punitive sentences as well
  9. Porn access is damaging our Teenagers

    Good gracious. Something we are completely in tune about. Parents need to raise children. The state is only there to punish the failures. Over here we have the phrase " Discipline your kids now, so we don't have to later"
  10. Shirley Temple dies aged 85

    Well, since no one has responded.. Shes on that good ship Lollypop. Good bye Mrs Temple Black. while you were well an adult when i was born, you still shaped my childhood.
  11. hose tuggers need to understand while this is the one call of thier day. this is just another tick on our clock. dont block traffic for no reason.. the have plenty of room. the truck turns a 3 lane highway to a 1 land when it could easily be dealt with on the shoulder or at most turned to a 2 lane. for the video. PD is on scene. Med is on scene... Why is fire there? theres an old joke here. A fire chief jumps off his truck and gets in the face of a rookie cop asking whythe rookie cop has his junky old crown vic parked infron of the house fire blocking the new 1 milion dollar fire truck and the 500k$ ambulance! the rookie responds " well i got her 30 minutes ago and were busy rescuing the family" Fire department. Eat until your tired. Sleep until your hungry.
  12. Interfering with a police action? no. Id say its free speech. Failure to dim your high beams... Ticket all day long. This ruling should be limited to the former, not the latter.
  13. Its a "factory" option on the new Fords. Though i believe the shooter had a rifle as well. in that case id want a nice engine block in the way. Its the modern day of shooting behind your horse. Level 3 will take most all pistol rounds but some rifle rounds can still make it through As for the shooting while moving. I wasnt there. I wont armchair quarter back it.
  14. This story is so old its ancient history. Officer went in all Officer Friendly using a taser when a pistol was due and got killed. Not blaming the officer. But people know and control your dog. If i hit a call and i know theres a man, in theory ( we dont have them) id pull a taser. If i know or suspect a dog aswell, id pull a gun. The dog is NEVER to blame, only the S Head "master". I have an Alaskan Malamute. Hes big, he looks like a wolf, and if i sense hes excited, i keep him back, from everyone, EVEN PEOPLE AND COPS I KNOW. some people are more scared of dogs than others. And even him jumping or lunging in the " OMG I LUV PEOPLE!" sense is scary. The problem is social. Plain and simple. People need to accept they are part of a civilization and not this "freeman" "sovereign citizen" state of unique snow flakes that no one can tell you what to do and your going to live off the land. Or its Left approach of everyone's a unique snow flake, we all win and we all get a trophy in the form of pay with no work. Similarly we need to eliminate the " he smudged my sneakers" concept of owing "respect" Frankly the American sub-culture to blame is specific to the event.
  15. Nigel Farage calls for end to ban on guns

    Yes, on my first read through i was thinking it was talking more on long guns. Darn late night postings (here)