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  1. Don't I know it!Have my IHCD exam tomorrow! Nervous is an understatement!
  2. Thanks for clearing it up guy's. Actually makes sense reading through what you guys have posted. I just wasn't sure you see a few video's of cops giving in and allowing them to walk away. As I am a law abiding citizen and hope to apply soon I don't fancy being nicked.
  3. I've watched some of the video's that are floating around on youtube. And not being an officer of the law, I am quite curious as to how much truth is in these claims. I.E. An act can only be enforced with consent, If you state that you do not consent to the act you are being stopped under then you can freely walk away?. Not trying to cause any friction, Just looking for clarification.
  4. BTP Recruitment North East

    I know you'd like to find out but I wouldn't worry massively. I recently submitted for the BTP PC recruitment and I ended up waiting a few weeks after the deadline. Good Luck! Also try the BTP specific page. There may be other's in the same boat as your self.
  5. Treadmill Exercise program for bleep test?

    I can only but try, If it still doesn't work, Type Royal Navy Fitness Booklet into Google and it should be the first link.
  6. Treadmill Exercise program for bleep test?

    If you're just wanting to get fit. Why not try ? Before I signed up to the RNR I was massively unfit. And by the end of this booklet I was able to run the 1.5km run in 9.56. Not massively quick but an achievement non the less.
  7. Thanks for the info guys its appreciated l99 find that odd, As that was the role title I've just applied for with them, I don't know much about their structure tho, or how their levels work. No problem Rosemary.
  8. SniperElite I am referring to both PTA and ETA and Red Cross Ambulance Technician , My local Ambulance trust has contracts with both SJA and BRC to provide Blue light response crews that are paid.
  9. Hi all Sorry if this thread has already been covered. In the restricted occupation list on this forum it states 'Members of medical and health professions Eligible provided their local NHS Trust or Health Authority has no objections' But does this count for private ambulance crews or those that work for St John Ambulance and British Red Cross on behalf of their local Ambulance trust. All advice is appreciated Thank you
  10. Spelling

    Thank you for all your replies. I have a bit more confidence in getting accepted now. Just a waiting game. Everybody reaches their dream some day.
  11. Spelling

    I've submitted an application form to a local force. Upon reading it after I've sent it.. (silly I know). I've noticed one spelling error. Will this affect my application?, Should I contact HR about it ? Thanks
  12. Help

    Oh I am not to sure. I think your hitting it on the head! Not sure I've got enough room to write as much as that but I am trying to get the good sides of the RNR across as when I first enlisted I loved it! So much fun and was constantly been challenged!.
  13. Help

    Thanks Tuks You right about the way you phrase things!. I really do like to be challenged and be pro-active in things I do.
  14. Help

    Right guys, I am soon to be was a member of the RNR, Awaiting my Discharge papers. On the Application form it asks for reason for discharge, The main reason I left the RNR was a lack of interest any more mainly because the RNR didn't challenge me, We didn't do anything for months on end. If I write my true reasons down will these go against me ? Thanks Guys Not slating the RNR. It maybe awesome and challenging to others but my unit just wasn't exciting enough for me ;')