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  1. Regarding this, a met sgt said the other day that specials won't need to do the whole course, jut cover subjects they did not cover in foundation training. He also said that training could well be subsidised, so training is more likely to cost around £400 than £1000. He also said although the met have said they will recruit externally, 95% of recruitment will be internal. How true this is I don't know, but I'm not rushing out to book my CKP until this is confirmed.
  2. I think people are getting a little hung up on the £19,000 figure. As previous posts have said it will be close to £30,000 once all the allowances are added on. (I'm talking in London)
  3. Pocket book rules...

    Sorry, I meant in an EAB
  4. Pocket book rules...

    How in depth should you go for notes at scene?
  5. Handcuff keys...

    Do you have them on a key chain then?
  6. Handcuff keys...

    Might sound stupid but....where do you keep yours when you're on the beat? Don't want mine falling out my pocket when I chase someone!!
  7. Pocket book rules...

    Thanks everyone. Very helpful.
  8. Pocket book rules...

    Thanks, great reply. Just one more thing, can you write in joint writing in your eab, or does it have to be printed? I know it's a basic question but it wasn't covered too well in class.
  9. Anyone got any tips for filling in an eab? And I need some help with pocket book rules, any tips would be greatly appreciated.... Thanks
  10. Field intelligence officer

    Im considering applying, haven't really got muc experience though and there's only 2 jobs going. I'll think it over.
  11. Field intelligence officer

    Thanks guys. And yes I was referring to the btp. It doesn't say much about what the job involves on the advert.
  12. I've been looking at police staff jobs and this came up. I just wondered if anyone had any insight into what the role involves? Thanks
  13. Burglary

    Now I'm confused lol.
  14. Burglary

    Thanks, I did think that was the case but wanted to check
  15. Burglary

    Hi guys, Just a quick one.... If someone used some kind of instrument to put through a letterbox so thy they could keys and then enter a building would that count as burglary? Or is it when they actually enter the building. I know you can use instruments to out through windows to take stuff but was confussed in this point. Thanks