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  1. Ahh I see thank you
  2. I was wondering can someone get arrested for assaulting a off duty special? or does that only apply to regs and is there much difference in consequences for assaulting a off duty officer to a normal assault charge?
  3. When I went to my AC day they made us all sign the OSA document then, guessing that stays with you all the way .
  4. Hey all. I'm currently going through the vetting stage of west Mercia police for SC. Also just had my pre-medical paper work sent off to the CNC. Always wanted to be a police officer all my life but never managed to get it. Spent last 7-8 years trying to become a SC but was rejected for being a nightclub manager. Now finally been given a chance just hope vetting goes well
  5. Ok ill give it ago
  6. West Mercia police has been missed off your list of forces
  7. Ok cheers guys
  8. I was just wondering as my dad lives abroad and I can't send anything to him the only real way of contact is through Facebook so I was going to see (if a pass vetting) if I could send him pic wasn't sure on rules of it all.... Social media is a hard one because we're do you cross the line of freedom of speech etc.. But at the same time you are representing the force nationally
  9. Just a quick one. Are you able to take a picture of yourself in uniform and post it on Facebook ?
  10. Cant wait for vetting to be over!

  11. I generally get the reaction of i always new you were special!! lol... besides from that: Mum: Likes the idea but doesn't think ill have the time or ill have a mental break down. Dad: very proud. Wife: Not keen but understands the long term goal. Friends: Curios and starting to get a bit of the don't tell him hes the old bill. Supportive friends: Are interested in what i do and don't treat me any different.