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  1. PSU Medic

    Nice bit of Mancunian whit there mate!
  2. Personal Tricks, Tips, and Rituals

    Yeah, just a standard red wipe board pen. Just make sure you don't get a permanent one! Ha!
  3. Personal Tricks, Tips, and Rituals

    I too have a pen for writing down obs on windscreens so myself and the driver can see them. Excellent tip that I picked up from a regular colleague.
  4. Annual hours 2013

    466:15 since attesting 26 April 2013 until the end of the year
  5. Well I can safely say that's the hardest thing I have done EVER! I think I've done complete 'dog poo' on the maths one and not sure about the verbal, at least I finished that one. Now just to play the waiting game. Good luck everyone
  6. I'll add to what Owen has already said. The SC's that work on the transport network are part of the Travel Safe Team working out of the force hub. They work as part of a bigger operation, Operation Gateway, which is a force wide initiative aimed at reducing ASB and fair evasion on Greater Manchester Public Transport Network. Gateway sees regular officers, including the dog unit, working alongside SC's and the RPI's. The SC's that work as part of the Travel Safe Team all have divisional neighbourhood postings where they accrue their minimum hours and are released by their respective employers several times a month to work exclusively on the transport network.
  7. Cat D1

    MerseyLLB - Thats how I read it.
  8. A teenage boy was arrested after police found an armoury of weapons at his home. The 16-year-old boy was quizzed after his home was raided by officers. They seized a rifle, an air gun, a stun gun, a lock knife, a 12ins First World War shell, cartridges, pepper spray and body armour. Bomb squad officers carried out a controlled explosion on the shell device at nearby playing fields on Tuesday. The youngster had been stopped the previous day over an invalid bus pass, with an officer confiscating a can of ‘self-defence’ pepper spray. But the boy’s dad has claimed the guns were all being kept legally at their home in Rye Bank Road, Chorlton , and said he was ‘surprised’ police had detonated the bomb – which was not live and used by the family to store loose change. He said: “The police searched the house following the arrest and seized a First World War field gun shell which I inspected 22 years ago after finding it diving off the Welsh coast to ensure it was not live ... they chose to blow it up in a field which was somewhat of a surprise.” The boy, who did not wish to be named, told the M.E.N. he had bought the pepper spray – which he did not know was illegal – to protect himself after being mugged three times near his home. Police are investigated the muggings but no one has been charged. The boy said: “The third time I got mugged, they had a big knife which was put to my chest in broad daylight. It was terrifying and I thought to myself, enough is enough and bought the pepper spray.” His dad added: “As his father, I wanted him to be able to protect himself against any further attacks ... [so] I advised him to buy the defence spray ... which sadly is illegal under UK law.” The family also deny any body armour being seized, saying it is a play suit used for clay pigeon shooting. A GMP spokesman said: “During the search, officers found a number of different weapons and ammunition and what appeared to be a military shell. On June 25, the explosive ordnance team carried out a controlled explosion of the device at the Turn Moss Playing Fields in Trafford. “There is no risk to any residents in any of the communities involved in the investigation. “A 16-year-old boy was arrested and bailed pending further inquiries.”
  9. Cycling

    Andi, out of interest did you ask to do it or get asked to do it? Not yet attested but wouldn't mind training to do it once I'm independent ready for next summer around A Div.
  10. ESP (Employer Supported Policing)

    Transport for Greater Manchester has a team of Specials that are on an ESP. And the team is currently in the process of getting bigger - we're just waiting for the training to start. The team are used in conjunction with GMP for the GM Travel Safe Scheme and provide policing on the Metrolink and bus network throughout Greater Manchester.
  11. Two police officers killed as fugitive Dale Cregan arrested

    Sad news RIP to the two officers and my thoughts go out to both their families and friends.