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  1. Pocket Notebook Queries

    As MindTheGap says, I was issued with a plastic PVC cover which goes over the front and back and the book just slips inside without anything needing to be attached. Has saved it from getting wet on a few occasions!
  2. Your guide to VETTING

    That's good news!
  3. Vetting- Must I note a Penalty Fare.

    As Dave says, I'd be inclined to mention it. If in doubt best to tell them rather than find they needed to know.
  4. Current Recruitment Statuses

    No worries, all done- I have more time to do it at weekends :D
  5. Current Recruitment Statuses

    Thanks for all the updates, I've just uploaded a new version. :D
  6. Current Recruitment Statuses

    No worries! I'll make sure I get it properly tidied up and sorted sometime this week. Thank you :D
  7. Current Recruitment Statuses

    Thanks, I'll get an update added to the spreadsheet.
  8. Effective communication

    As usual, general help only please everyone.
  9. Current Recruitment Statuses

    Thanks, I'll get the spreadsheet updated later today.
  10. Status of people using this forum

    Good luck- hope it goes well :D
  11. Current Recruitment Statuses

    Thanks for the latest two updates, the new spreadsheet should now be showing.
  12. Current Recruitment Statuses

    Cheers- I'll get the sheet updated tomorrow.

    Best place to look for info is Kit Corner on this site, there's lots of threads there which should help :D