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  1. Sovereign gate parking

    Aaron were on the same course. I've been looking for parking too, however looks like it'll be a nightmare!
  2. From reports I've heard from officers who know about the inncident he mounted the pavement, so she moved out the way into the road and he hit her.
  3. When you know you need new friends.

    Sounds like an updated version of the PIT manoeuvre.
  4. Latest Youtube video of police

    The actually unedited video has been deleted, it shows them originally trying to detain another male, for the guy in the wheelchair to get up and actually pin the male BTP officer by his neck on the bonnet of a car. The guy in the wheelchair is actually a lot bigger and stronger then the BTP officer. Of course this would never be shown as he is just a poor old man in a wheelchair who hasn't done anything wrong. Edit: Found the original video.
  5. Curious to hear about your Day 1, how did it go?

    1. Blandy


      It went well thanks. The written exam was similar to one I've previously done and the interview was okay, managed to answer all the questions. Now it's just a waiting game to find out how I've done.

    2. Purple Parrot

      Purple Parrot

      Sounds good, well done!

      Lots of waiting in this process... Don't know who's better at this, the Met or the NHS.

      Best of luck with the rest of it! I've heard the push and pull test is no more, they seem to keep cutting things out of the tests. Day 2 should be around the corner, good luck! :D

  6. Next they'll be removing the need for the CKP... Interesting times ahead I think.
  7. From the BBC: "The policy change is a first for the Met in the modern era, although it will not affect serving officers or those seeking to transfer from other UK forces."
  8. It shouldn't do, it sounds like it will effect anyone who applies after the 1st of August. So anyone who has already applied should be okay.
  9. Appears you may still be able to go the SC to PC route if you live oustide of London.
  10. Latest Youtube video of police

    Listen carefully and the guy recording seems to say something along the lines of "If he were in the street I would lick him up"? Because that's not aggressive at all?
  11. Exactly my thoughts. He also admitted to resisting arrest, yet wonders why he was taken to the floor and handcuffed?
  12. Thoughts on this?
  13. Police Scotland helicopter SP99 crashes

    R.I.P to all those who tragically lost their lives. My thoughts and prayers go out to their family and friends.
  14. Man killed by train after running from police

    Thoughts go out to the officers involved and to the family of the man involved1