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  1. Scottish Police in E&W

    Thanks, that Wikipedia link covers it
  2. What powers do Scottish Officers have when in E&W?
  3. How many hours do you do?

    Rocket, that's exactly what's happened in Cheshire, in my year out we've gone from: 3 S/C/Supt Some S/Supt 4/5 S/C/Insp to 1 S/C/Supt No S/Supt 2 S/C/Insp not that we needed that many but it is showing... most of the above reductions are still in force, they are SCs or at most S/Sgts...
  4. Dropped kerb fir disabled access

    Not really iffy, you can claim obstruction on account of it being obstructing. Yes, I've done it and been with PCs who have done it...
  5. Restricted Hours

    Yeh you can't possibly meet the WTD, I frequently used to breach 45 hours in my day job alone, so how would I possibly even make my minimum hours as an SC if that were the case.... I'd suspect that is a misunderstanding on Otee's part as MerPol wouldn't be able to stand up a Special Constabulary at all if they took that view?
  6. Restricted Hours

    I've broken the 80h in the past, but that was before I had Rabbit and the job I do now so will get nowhere near that. My Reg Sgt was well aware of what I was doing and made sure that I was fit for both my day job at the time and to be on duty. As I was it was never an issue, and as soon as it became an issue I'm sure he would have sent me home...
  7. Broken temporary lights

    to mitigate the working traffic light, just turn it around or off, had this exact scenario and we just turned off the working light and manually managed the traffic flow, in that situation there were 2 of us, and given the location there had to be as it was quite a long stretch of road...
  8. Sounds like you should have gone into the military mate, they'd have organised you! But I agree, without trying to be mean at all, you are not suited for Full Time Policing.
  9. Buck's Userbars

    Userbars created by Buck :)
  10. Banned drivers

    Correct I don't see how it could be personalised so it would have to be in all those categories you mention. I would also suggest that stalling doesn't require a re-confirmation... I've not designed this stuff or anything so I find it quite amusing that you guys are nitpicking it so much... It was just a random idea.
  11. Where do you keep your warrant card?

    I'd never thought of that, but that makes sense now you say it...
  12. Where do you keep your warrant card?

    This... (although not just at the mo as I am between forces )
  13. Banned drivers

    That's a) a bit of a generalisation based on a specific example b) nonsense The technology is changing in each model so it is not the same thing you are buying. You can now get other smart phones for factors smaller than the current models that are using tech from a few years ago. So the things that the original iPhone at £500 could do can now be done for a cheapy phone for £100 so yes technology gets cheaper.
  14. 1. Yes sort of 2. Cheshire 3. 0 - it has been approved but no-one has been on the course yet 4. DCC McCormick as she approved it
  15. Banned drivers

    Nothing, but at least then you need 1 licenced driver in the car, if 1 of them is licenced why weren't they driving in the 1st place... It's not infallible but it adds a layer of enforcement Only if they built it badly and expensively (which granted is common in Police projects) There are all sorts of things you could put in place to ensure it can cope with demand, and i never said it was easy or cheap, just a possible idea. And as technology advances and becomes cheaper there's nothing to say that it wouldn't become practical in the future...