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  1. Tips for Public Order Night Shifts

    1. Always, always take every opportunity you get to have a pee !! 2. Take sweeties 3. S27 pad handy 4. Smile 5. Be very 360 degree aware 6. Dont give your hat to people to have photos taken - more than one bobby has got nits this way 7. Expect to be late off/for it to go pear shaped. If it doesnt then its a refreshing surprise 8. Put something warm on under your uniform - its easier to take something off than stand there freezing your chods off because you didnt bother 9 Take coins - sometimes a vending machine is the only option, and it will be exact change only 10. Dont let anyone lay hands on you, and be aware of wandering hands going for your spray, handcuffs, baton, radio or backside !!!
  2. Royal Marines flex the muscle on the Thames

    aaaaaaaand back in the real world, if a police launch came under fire how long would it take to get 20 booties up from Poole or Pompey to deal with it.......unless you just happen to have a ruddy great assault ship loafing around in your river :D
  3. BBC - Theresa May: Police Federation funds to end

    Why not make it that officers pay a % of their wages into the fed, the same way that pensions are calculated. Therefore Special would pay a % of nothing
  4. First female submariners to serve in the Royal Navy

    There is no reason why women cant serve on the current undersea ocean liners used by the RN - (swings lantern)..... in my day though I couldnt see them serving on one of the old diesels
  5. Oh that makes it ok to break the law then does it. Pleading not guilty when you know damn well you are guilty makes it more difficult for people who are genuinely not guilty to get a fair hearing. He was just grasping at straws and hoping to get off on a technicallity. No sympathy whatsoever. Why dont these people stop washing their dirty linen in public
  6. Long Service medal...

    Yes. All service is accumulative. It does not matter which force you are with
  7. BBC;Dartford free-flow crossing work begins

    They already have a DART tag lane, together with exact change lane and a manned booth lane
  8. Police officers convicted of Theft

    Yep, a dangerous combination of greed, stupidity and arrogance
  9. One of the good ones gone. Have a peaceful retirement sir, the justice system (well, the enforcement side of it!) will miss you
  10. Expert Witnesses

    Someone I know works for a company who publish a Directory of Expert Witnesses. He basically works in a call centre and spends his time ringing round trying to sell an entry into the Dictionary over the phone. It has IT professionals, doctors, structural engineers, printers etc etc - the point is anyone can be in the directory (as long as they pay the fee of course!!)
  11. Police Federation (TV Documentary)

    The Inspector who showed the reporter round the Luxury Hotel (ahem, Fed Headquarters) seemed to be permenently embarrassed. I find it incredible that an organisation like this is not subject to accountancy oversight, and that even the treasurer doesnt know how much money they have. Will the Daily Telegraph now be doing an exposee on 'Fed Reps Expenses Scandal' similar to the 'MP's Expenses Scandal'
  12. Jews in Ukrainian city told to register

    I really, really hope I am wrong, but I just have the feeling that in years to come the history books will show that this crisis is where World War III started
  13. Police officers convicted of Theft

    Good Grief. This sort of thing never ceases to amaze me. 26 years in and losing everything for 250 quid, 19 years in and losing everything for a couple of pens. Whatever were they thinking
  14. Another TASER topic- stay with me this one's a new one

    So officers who havent been trained in the use of Taser will be able to go and buy one???? Wack Wack Oops
  15. Should all Police be armed......

    Not again !!!!!